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Product Overview

An individual’s core competencies are determined by two groups of factors:

  1. Skills, Knowledge, and Technical Qualifications
  2. Behavioral Characteristics, Personality Attributes, and Individual Aptitudes


Although traditional hiring has focused primarily on evaluating a candidate’s skills and technical qualifications, a competency-based approach includes an analysis of a candidate’s behavioral characteristics as well. Competency-based hiring is grounded in the identification of core competencies required for success and the subsequent evaluation of each candidate’s demonstration of those competencies in their past experiences.

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Locally Normed
Our assessments were developed and normed locally for a reliable and standard
form of reference in results interpretation.

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Fast Results
Results are automatically generated and are instantly available upon
complettion of the assessments

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Unlimited Candidates
The assessment process is simple and fast, affording a significant number of candidates
processed on a daily basis.

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Valid and Reliable
Our assessments were developed by certified psychometricians, ensuring the validity
and reliability of the instruments

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The system is customizable and can be tailored to the exact needs of different
organizations accross all industries.

Pre-Screening Tests

    1. Cognitive & Knowledge
      • Basic Mental Abilities Assessment – Form 1
      • Culture Fair Test
      • Critical Thinking Assessment
      • Profiles Ability Profiler
      • Mechanical IQ Test
      • Clerical Perception Test


  1. Behavioral / Personality
    • Counter Productive Behavior
    • Profiles Personality Profiler
    • Personality Type Indicator
    • Emotional Stability EQ Profile
    • Mental Toughness Test
  1. Competency / Skills
    • Sales- Service Assessment
    • Supervisory Skills Test
    • Managerial Skills Test
    • Personal Interest Index
    • Work Importance Profiler
    • Accounting Test
    • Basic English Assessment
    • Grammar Skills Test
    • Customer Service Skills Test
    • Social Media Literacy Test


To learn more about Profiles Asia Pacific’s employment assessment products, including employment testing, pre-employment screening, performance evaluations, talent management systems and more, please contact us.

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