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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Finding and Using Talent

LinkedIn is social media networking site designed for professionals and businesses. As such, it is a wonderful channel to both find, and utilize your human capital. Finding talent on LinkedIn consists of networking and well-placed job openings, whereas using talent to grow your LinkedIn influence capitalizes on team cooperation and diversity of skills.

Finding Talent

  • The careers tab, featured on your homepage, is a great place to list job openings at your company. List open positions in the order you want them shown.
  • In order to get more reach for your openings, try starting a LinkedIn group in your related industry. Start relevant, interesting and useful conversations in the group to attract quality members.

Using Talent

  • The success of a LinkedIn page is a team effort. Ask your employees to generate thoughts, updates and contributions. This will result in a wide variety of topics and create interest throughout multiple groups.
  • Get employees and LinkedIn members excited about your page by adding value for them. Tie LinkedIn contribution to annual bonuses, or make it a point in employee evaluations.
  • Provide training and opportunities for employees to create full LinkedIn profiles that they enjoy investing time in. Expose employees to compelling information that they can share on LinkedIn and help them become LinkedIn thought leaders in your company’s industry.

Recognize that your company’s human capital is the most important part in maintaining your LinkedIn page for influence, quality content, and thoughtful conversations. Find your most intelligent and insightful employees and encourage them to contribute to your LinkedIn page and groups. If you have even as few as three different, unique points of view on your page, posting once a week, you will be generating useful conversations multiple times weekly.

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Civil Service Commission-Civil Service Institute and Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. Collaborate for a Seminar-Workshop

Last May 7 and 8., Profiles Asia Pacific, Inc. (PAP) was a proud local service provider to Civil Service Commission-Civil Service Institute (CSC-CSI) for a seminar-workshop entitled “Raising the Bench in HR Practices”.

Conducted by HR & OD practitioner and Profiles’ Director for Special Projects, Dr. Vida G. Caparas, the public seminar helped 17 attendees from different local government units and organizations level up their HR practices, by knowing the latest trends and current issues in the world of Human Resources.

Attendees from the Department of Justice, Department of Labor and Employment, WV College of Science, UP Manila, Department of Budget and Management, US Embassy, Cygnus Industries, Philippine Retirement Authority, City Government of Tanauan, LGU Tanauan City, and Senate of the Philippines benefited in the seminar by getting equipped with ideas on the roles of HR in the industry, major HR functions being practiced by most industries, the concepts in comparing the current work application of HR vs. its traditional method, the current HR Trends; and the effects of globalization and web-based technology to HR practices.

Profiles online assessments, particularly the  Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI) were also given to the attendees which provided them with valuable insight into how an individual can be motivated and managed to operate at peak performance. The PPI also provides recommendations for improving employee performance.

All in all the collaboration was a success, and according to Agnes Padilla, Director  IV, Human Resource Development Office, CSC will still be collaborating with Profiles Asia Pacific in their next public runs. For a training calendar, go to

Civil Service Commission-Civil Service Institute is a local government unit that provides direct training and personnel development interventions to all government officials and employees. CSC-CSI provides competency-based training and development as well as best practices consulting services to all civil servants and government agencies- specifically focusing on HR/OD and Leadership Capacity Development, and Foundation Programs-to support them in their functions and in recognition of their ability to extend the work and mandate of CSI and ultimately influence the capabilities and capacities of civil servants. For more details, go to

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – Features and Content

A LinkedIn Company page offers a number of different features to optimize content and convey important information to visitors. The page design has been tested and developed so that a company can feature what they want, and garner attention with well-placed call-to-actions.

Products and Services

  • The Products and Services sidebar on your homepage is a way for visitors to see what your company offers immediately. Get visitors interested in how you can help them, and drive engagement.
  • Feature your primary product so it shows up first, and order your products and services according to prominence in the company.
  • The Products and Services sidebar does not have to be exclusively products or services; it could feature an event, such as a conference, or a downloadable report.
  • Ask for recommendations! Good recommendations from people who have tried your products and services can drive more consumers to take action and purchase.


  • The overview section of your company page shows up at the top, and should create interest immediately. Include a call to action and use it to drive engagement.
  • Update often with interesting, relevant, and valuable information.
  • Tip: Once you link an article on a status update, LinkedIn will automatically find the webpage and image. Once a preview has shown up, you can delete the original URL to keep your update short and sweet.
  • Always include a call-to-action or engaging content in your updates. Some unique ideas include holding a contest or drawing, linking to a downloadable resource, or using an infographic to illustrate your message.

Keep an eye out on the Profiles Asia Pacific blog for further tips on optimizing your LinkedIn page. Our next article will cover finding and using talent to increase your social impact on LinkedIn.

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page – The Basics

A company LinkedIn page is vital for connecting to talent and opportunities. Having a LinkedIn presence is great for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer companies since it shows what services are available through your company. A LinkedIn profile is the equivalent of a Facebook profile for the business world, and is a company’s social networking “face.” Below are a few simple ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page for great results, aesthetics and connections.

  • Upon creating your company page, get followers by emailing employees and current customers. Utilize email lists, newsletters, and databases to get the word out. Insert a follow button on your website and blogs, and promote your new LinkedIn profile on other social media channels.
  • Make sure your company profile picture is your logo for the sake of brand recognition.
  • LinkedIn banner images similar to Facebook cover images. They are 646 x 220 pixel images displayed at the top of your company page. Make it eye-catching and it can bring your page to life! It can include a call-to-action, your company colors, or your brand.
  • Your company “about” information should be up-to-date, free of spelling or grammar errors, and succinct. This is a great place to insert your mission statement and a little bit of history.
  • Choose your specialties wisely, and only use relevant keywords to describe your company so that you will show up on relevant LinkedIn searches.

Begin optimizing your LinkedIn company page today, and find talent, clients and exposure for your company. Keep an eye out on the Profiles Asia Pacific blog for further tips on optimizing your LinkedIn page.

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Emotional Intelligence: Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

Intelligence quotient (IQ) measures intelligence and reveals a person’s cognitive ability and logical thinking. Emotional quotient (EQ) reveals a person’s ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of others. Studies show that EQ may have an even stronger influence on company executives’ effectiveness than IQ or technical competence. With every organization’s commitment to efficiency, it’s becoming increasingly vital to learn about EQ.

On May 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Profiles Asia Pacific will offer a public seminar on Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness that will educate participants about the effect of a leaders’ EQ on an organization and its human capital. Seminar participants will learn to identify and define different types of intelligence, and investigate research findings on the importance of emotional intelligence. In addition to EQ education, participants will also get a chance to apply their knowledge by identifying different Emotional Intelligence Models and their components, and design action plans for both individuals and organizations.

Course Outline

1. Leadership and Its Impact on the Organization and Its People

2. Intelligence

  • Cognitive Intelligence
  • Technical Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Moral/Spiritual Intelligence

3. Emotional Intelligence

  • Definitions
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence Models (Components, Tests and Applications)

4. Individual Action Plans and Commitments

The course fee for the seminar is 3,500PHP and includes instruction from an expert facilitator, specialized student workbook and course materials, personalized certificate of completion, snacks and lunch, as well as a complimentary Emotional Stability EQ Profiler assessment. This assessment will cover seven dimensions of interest to examine an individual’s emotional stability/instability, including self-esteem, happiness, anxiety, obsessive tendencies, autonomy, hypochondriasis, and guilt. Register online at

Dr. Rosario Alzona holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics and Ph.D in Organizational Development. She is an accomplished Organizational Development professional with almost 20 years of experience in diverse workplace environments. She has varied experiences in organizational assessment, OD intervention design and implementation, learning and development and process/procedure design and development. Dr. Alzona has taken various Information Technology and OD Consultancy projects with several Consulting firms and has taught for ten years in the Graduate School of several universities and colleges in diverse topics of management and leadership. She is a frequent speaker at various seminars and workshops with topics on Leadership, Team Building, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Change Management and Appreciative Inquiry. She is a High-energy Trainer and Creative Facilitator, skilled in guiding learners through engaging breakthrough learning opportunities.

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A Health Seminar in the Greek Islands

Continue your education in the Greek isles for a Gestalt study trip and workshop! This five-day active workshop will take place on the Island of Tinos, learning and living the concepts of holistic health work. The Gestalt health and work trip will take a small group through three different levels of learning; touristic observation, student “living learning” and expert evaluation.

What to Learn
We want to introduce some basics of gestalt-facilitation: clarify scenarios – focus on details, and open awareness for alternatives, which may upgrade professional competence for coaches, managers, trainers or people who work in medical or health services and who want to get into a holistic and humanistic way to be – and to do a job.

Visit Epidaurus and Delphi where healers and the priests practiced. Get in touch with a holistic system of partner care-taking; offering theatre for social learning. This touristic event will offer a perspective towards the Humanistic, holistic concept.

  1. The Classic ways of ancient Greek medicine, developed in Epidaurus and personalized by faithful alternative in Delfi and her local oracle stops. This classic tour model offers first class data.
  2. The actual concept of gestalt-health-work, as an encounter of symptoms, seen as an individual lifestyle; holistic work uses integrated personality. The group members will join a gestalt workshop on the Island of Tinos.
  3. The introduction to medicine, applied at Dresden University. Learn about the working system in a modern clinic.

Where to Stay
Mantalou International Institute offers a guest house overlooking the sea and local simple Aegean hospitality. There is an open-minded atmosphere and efficient learning setting to get to know tools for facilitation and self-organization.
Basic facilitation competences and the integration of Humanistic concepts into your personal and professional ID are the main goals of this Gestalt-lab.

A stay in Tinos may give access to structure your own way of life and work with an extended awareness for integration of body, mind and emotion.

For more information, please contact Prof. Hans Lenhard or Fatima Dosado at the Gestalt Institute Manila,

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Job Evaluation Public Seminar

Individuals in human resources or any level of management should understand how to evaluate employee performance. Profiles Asia Pacific will be offering a Job Evaluation seminar from May 29 to 30, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that is designed to equip participants with the skills to evaluate the jobs being done in a company.

In addition to learning execution strategies for assessments, participants will go over the purpose, features and advantages job evaluation. Equip yourself by learning about point factoring and factor comparison, non-analytical ranking, job ranking and paired comparison, job classification and job matching, and market pricing. Participants will also cover methods of job analysis, preparing job descriptions to attract ideal candidates, and criteria for choosing a job evaluation scheme.

Course Outline

  • Overview – Compensation Management Framework
  • Preparing for Job Evaluation
  • Selecting Internal Job Evaluation Methods
  • Convening the JE Committee: Skill Practice/Simulation and Mock Job Evaluation
  • Fundamentals of Pay Structure Design

The fee for this 2-day seminar is 6,500PHP and includes instruction by Dr. Vida Caparas, specialized student workbook and course materials, morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch. Register online at

Dr. Caparas holds a Master’s Degree and Ph.D., Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology. She is an Accredited Trainer of the Philippine Government with invaluable experiences in Organizational Development as a Human Resource, Training and OD practitioner. She authored three books on Psychology/HR Management and was a Trainer Delegate of DFA-Foreign Service Institute in Italy and Singapore from 1999-2000. Dr. Caparas is a recipient of various national awards and a professor in prestigious universities.

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Congratulations Dr. Lisa Grace S. Bernales, National Statistician

Image from

Profies Asia Pacific, Inc. together with People Dynamics, Inc. congratulate Dr. Lisa Grace S. Bersales on her appointment as the first National Statistician of the newly formed Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

In this unique role, Dr. Bersales will be leading the PSA in streamlining and making more accessible the services provided by the National Statistics Office, the National Statistical Coordination Board, the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, and the Department of Labor and Employment’s Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics.

PAP and PDI extends its pride and fullest support to her appointment and the newly organized PSA with the vision of a cohesive nation enlightened and made dynamic by facts-based decision making.

Dr. Bersales served as UP Vice President for Planning and Finance since February 10, 2011, and was a member of the UP Diliman faculty for more than 30 years. She was the Dean of UP’s School of Statistics in the late 1990s and earned her bachelor’s degree in Statistics in 1978, M.S. in Statistics in 1981, and Ph.D. in Statistics in 1989.

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Is the Philippines Ready for ASEAN Integration?

In the upcoming months, ASEAN countries will come together to form a single market and production base for the 10 participating countries. This will result in the fourth densest economic bloc in the world, with a free flow of goods, services, investment, and skilled labor.

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will be a game changer. Our region’s companies will face unprecedented access to markets, and unprecedented competition. Organizations that do not have a regional game plan, or understand how to build brands, will fall behind.

“Of the companies surveyed with annual revenues under $100 million, nearly 40% of leaders concede that their top selling product does not have a clear brand idea—or has no brand idea at all.” – IMPHIL

The economic market in Asia has long enjoyed little competition when it comes to their local markets, and with no clear brand vision, companies are likely to face economical turbulence when consumers begin why your product is the best in all of Southeast Asia.

Arm yourself and your company for this upcoming transition at the upcoming IMPHIL conference in Cebu, scheduled for June 27, 2014.

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Consultancy Beyond Borders: Consequences and Opportunities

The Institute of Management Consultants of the Philippines (IMPHIL) conference, “Consultancy Beyond Borders,” is designed to prepare professional management consultants and practitioners for the upcoming ASEAN integration. The conference is open to all management consultants, their technical staff, individual consultants who are registered single proprietorships or partnerships in Management Consulting, as well as those unregistered free agents who do consulting work.

Professionals who work with NGOs and provide consultancy and advisory services to farmers, fisherfolk, women’s organizations, cooperatives, small entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, labor groups, or corporate organizations; on such areas as agriculture, agribusiness, livelihood, arts and crafts, market development, human resources training and development, information technology, technology transfer, empowerment, environment related and oriented systems and solutions, are also most welcome to participate.

The Conference will consist of five main speakers who will describe the scale and scope of the AEC in terms of economic effects; magnitude of change that will take place; strengths and vulnerabilities of Philippine economic sectors; capabili-ties and alliances necessary to face the unprecedented com-petition with special emphasis on Management Consulting; and extent of opportunities that can be tapped to become an ASEAN champion. The topics and schedule are below.


Advancing Philippine Management Consultants to-wards world class standards of technical competence and professional competitiveness.

  • Forecasts for the Volume of Trade and Services Throughout the Region, and the Extent of Competition for Market Penetration and Dominance.
  • Strong and Vulnerable Sectors in the Philippine Economy.
  • Environmental Issues and Immense Economic Activity
  • Impact of Liberalized Professional Services on Management Consultancy Practice.
  • Alliances and Capability Build-ups for Management Consult ants: “Competitive Advantage of International Management Consultant Certification by a Recognized Institutional Association.”

Date: June 27, 2014, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Venue: SGV Cebu Conference Room, Insular Bldg, Ayala Business Park
Registration: 9:00 AM
Conference Fee: Php 2,000 per participant.
Avail of a 15% Early Bird Discount up to June 20, 2014!
To register or for more information, please call 555-5555 (Cebu) or 777-7777 (Manila), email or visit

    More about IMPHIL
    IMPHIL is the brainchild of a handful of Filipino professionals engaged in management consulting services in the Philippines. The idea for its creation stemmed from the realization that Filipino Consultants can make a marked difference in the development of their own country; from the perspective of knowing its culture, traits, history, needs, and the basic principle that Filipinos know best what can make their nation truly independent and genuinely sovereign. It was incorporated as a non-stock, non-profit organization in 1985.

    IMPHIL is a member of the Confederation of Filipino Consultants (COFILCO), the umbrella organization of consulting organizations engaged in various technical fields of expertise. COFILCO is the government’s private sector appointed body tasked to accredit consulting firms bidding for projects. COFILCO has assigned IMPHIL to handle the accreditation of Consultants and the validation of claimed expertise and accomplishments.

    Recently, IMPHIL has been given the authority to provide Certification to Filipino professionals as International Consultants by the ICMC, a globally recognized body of consulting practitioners. This will give Filipino Management Consultants a competitive edge in bidding for projects with institutions worldwide.

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