Leadership Development Strategies in Hybrid Work Environments

Today, about 58% of U.S. employees work from home at least some of the time. Hybrid and remote work increase access to talent, improve employee satisfaction, and even reduce costs for employers, who can downsize office spaces and accommodations if people regularly work from home. As a result, these work options have become mainstays for many businesses. At the same time, they introduce new challenges for leadership development, especially if your organization relies on internal [...]

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The importance of managerial fit and how to find it

Today’s organizations are increasingly focused on cultural fit. And for most organizations, managerial fit — or the concept of matching management and leadership styles to the team and the work culture — is equally important, as the skills and approach needed to meet a team’s demand for leadership or to complete a task can vary significantly. Often, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works best across the entire organization. Instead, you should rely on skills and [...]

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What to do when you have an underperforming employee

If someone in your organization is consistently failing to meet performance requirements, is failing performance assessments, or is otherwise visibly struggling, you don’t always have to let them go. Instead, often, the solution is to take steps to help your employee boost performance. Doing so can mean offering training, moving the individual into a more suitable role, or defining and eliminating a problem or problems which might be impeding performance. Whatever the case, taking the [...]

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Managing virtual project teams

Companies across the world have gone through (or are considering) a permanent shift to remote work in response to the “new normal” that is a worldwide pandemic. However, remote working isn’t a new concept. You could argue that remote work first began 1.4 million years ago to the hunter-gatherer culture of Africa. The medieval period of England also saw people working from home as dressmakers, butchers, and watchmakers, to name a few. These days, remote [...]

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How to Preserve Institutional Knowledge and Prevent Brain Drain

Brain drain is a situation where organizations are faced with older staff leaving and retiring at a faster rate than new employees reach equivalent levels of skill and expertise. This can be a problem in organizations of all sizes. While especially relevant to fast-scaling startups who often outpace their own ability to onboard effectively, brain drain impacts even massive companies with tens of thousands of employees. Preventing knowledge loss often means creating preventive strategies, effectively [...]

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