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How to optimize your hiring process to find top performers

Hiring processes today are longer, more complex, and more role specific than in previous years. They cost organizations significant investment, taking up to eight months of onboarding for an employee to reach full productivity. Failing to hire the right candidate can eat into budgets and performance for the company. To strengthen their selections, companies are increasingly relying on long hiring processes. However, those extended processes run the risk of alienating potential candidates and failing to [...]

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Why you need to invest in more learning for your team (and e-learning solutions to choose from)

In the past few years, in-person events like conferences and seminars ground to a halt, creating skill gaps for employees. As a result, many businesses have looked to online opportunities to support learning and development for their teams. Employee development can improve employees' existing competencies and skills, and help them learn new ones that support the company's goals. It's important to note that employee development isn’t simply mandatory employee training, such as diversity awareness; instead, [...]

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