Monthly Archives: August 2022

How to integrate performance feedback into daily work

Annual performance reviews can get a bad reputation in some companies, being seen as the dreaded month where everyone is “graded” and not much else gets done. For many organizations, they’re expensive, time-consuming, and provide little valuable information, while fostering employee dissatisfaction and reducing loyalty. Managers spend an average of 17 hours per employee, per

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Employee motivation: The keys to improve workplace productivity

Employee motivation is a major component of employee engagement as well as one of the most important metrics for a successful business. Motivation directly impacts individual productivity, whether on a single project, professional development, or even onboarding.  That’s why many organizations spend millions on employee motivation strategies. Google’s 20% rule is a famous example of

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How to improve your interview process

To hire the right people for your company, you need effective interviewing techniques that provide insight into candidates, highlight their skills and knowledge, and drive candidates’ interest in the company. However, organizations often struggle with the interview process because it’s loosely defined and the people conducting interviews commonly lack the necessary training and know-how to

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