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The ultimate guide to LinkedIn strategies for recruiters

LinkedIn has been a primary recruiting platform for over a decade. That’s never been more true than today. In fact, with 765+ million registered users as of 2021, LinkedIn is the largest it’s ever been. That’s important for recruiters, especially as the pandemic pushed cultural shifts to work-from-home, digital communication, and digital hiring. That combination, plus LinkedIn’s 400+ million daily active users, make the platform a prime part of your recruitment strategy. Of course, any [...]

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5 Ways to Optimize Performance Reviews to Streamline Your Workforce

While performance reviews are massively popular with organizations, most employees hate them. In addition, most performance reviews don’t actually achieve any goals. They simply represent a point in time when organizations take stock of employees and gauge them according to some metric or other. While performance reviews are “old-fashioned” and often associated with top-down management in waterfall style organizations, they can offer a lot to companies that use them well. Yet, according to a Gallup [...]

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