Best HR automation tools: a quick review

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Best HR automation tools: a quick review

Human resource management involves many processes, from resume screening to actual hiring. While some of these processes demand human involvement, others can be easily automated or performed by a machine.

The automation of certain HR processes eliminates mundane tasks and helps HR specialists focus on establishing a long-term relationship with candidates and employees. This, in turn, can bring immense benefits to a company, such as increased retention rate and employee loyalty.

In this article, we will go over some HR automation tools that help specialists deal with their everyday tasks in a faster and more efficient manner.

Company branding

One of the first things for every company to do is to brand itself among potential and current employees.

Company branding plays an important role in the recruitment process. If the candidate can see the company’s expertise from the content that it posts, and if the company is among the first in search results, chances are high a candidate will be interested.

Unfortunately, many companies do not have enough time or desire to build a strong personal brand. Use automation tools to enhance your branding and reach the candidates more efficiently.

Try: TalentLyft

TalentLyft positions itself as a recruitment marketing tool. It offers the following features:

  • SEO optimization
  • Content marketing management
  • Creation of team pages and blog
  • Employer branding
  • Creation of a career site

All of those features are designed to help companies better brand themselves and get candidates interested. With the help of such a tool, you can focus on the actual message that you want to pass to the candidates and leave the mundane tasks to a smarter system.

Candidate search

Sourcing candidates is one of the most important, yet tiresome, tasks of any HR specialist. With thousands of resumes, it may seem impossible to find the right fit for the right position.

That’s where artificial intelligence steps in and saves the day. Due to its ability to process large volumes of data (quickly), AI-powered tools can immediately process and analyze massive sets of data and extract the exact CV that will match your position.

Try: Google Hire

With Google making such huge strides in AI and machine learning, their hiring software is an excellent AI-based tool for recruiting.

Google Hire uses AI to find the right candidates more quickly and reliably, saving your HRMs time. In addition, the tool lets you synchronize your Gmail, Google Calendar, and other services for better management of administrative tasks.

Candidate assessment

Once you find a great candidate, you’ll want to check their skills and knowledge.

Candidate assessment is an integral part of the recruitment process. It lets HR specialists assign the tasks to the right people, speed up onboarding, and reach business goals faster.

Assessments also help gauge an individual’s level of emotional intelligence, which is an incredibly important skill for any employee to have.

While personal assessment may seem like something that should be performed by a manager, automation tools significantly accelerate the assessment process and help HR specialists analyze the results.

Try: Profiles Asia Pacific

Profiles Asia Pacific tool helps organizations better assess their employees, develop their full potential, and make data-based decisions regarding task assignment and employee management.

The tool contains numerous skill tests, EQ assessments, and other products that will become a valuable asset for any HR specialist who wishes to learn more about candidates and employees.

Management of expenses

HR specialists know everything about the employees’ perks but they also have to manage them. Benefits, vacations, insurances, and all similar expenses demand careful tracking.

In order for all this data to be organized and kept in order, an HR specialist needs a system that would centralize the data, keep the track of the workflows and make corresponding updates.

Try: Orange HRM

Orange HRM is a comprehensive tool that helps HR specialists better organize their day-to-day operations, including expense management.

Some of their features include:

  • Expense tracker
  • Travel tracker
  • Benefits tracker
  • Disciplinary tracker

With the help of this tool, HR specialists can always learn about the current state of expenses for a certain employee and can rest assured nothing was missed.

Management of daily operations

As said above, HR management includes many operations. Some of them happen on a daily basis, and it’s quite easy to lose sight of them.

Time tracking, performance reviews, communication, and feedback – all these processes demand attention and cannot be ignored. Tools that keep all of these talent management aspects in one dashboard are increasingly valuable for keeping everything organized and avoid letting things slip through the cracks.

Try: Zoho People

Zoho People states it’s a “360-degree HR automation solution” and, judging by its features, we can agree with that!

The tool takes full care of all administrative HR tasks and centralizes them. An HR specialist can access any employee’s profile at any time and see the current status of all related operations, like tracked time or provided feedback.


HR automation tools are great for middle to large companies with lots of processes going on. In this case, tools and automation can save time and resources, allowing your HR specialists to focus on more specific and complex tasks.

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