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How to look after your employees’ mental health

This is a guest post from Alicia Christine. Alicia is a human resource professional with expertise in employee experience and wellness. She writes for BestTechie and Techie Doodlers, and shares how businesses can be better to maximize their potential of helping better their communities and society as a whole. Find her on LinkedIn. The discussion

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How digitization has transformed education

Education is the foundation for a person’s future success and stability. It’s important to ensure a quality education by taking advantage of new technology, continually upgrading standards with new information. Learn about the biggest digital transformations of the education industry below. Online learning Online learning is incredibly popular these days. When learning online, students get

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6 Tips for career counseling high school students

Choosing a future career path is an important choice for students, as it sets the tone for their studies and focus. Career choices and impact the future financial well-being of students, and repercussions usually resonate into emotional health and personal networks as well. As a career counselor, your job is to help high school students

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