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5 Ways to Motivate Employees in 2020

As an employer, you should strive for motivated employees who are interested in their work. After all, happy employees equal great results. However, some employers don’t think about employees’ needs. They look at the competition, come up with “Friday pizza day” or think that a fair salary is enough to keep someone enthusiastic about their

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5 Keys of Effective Onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial period for organizations because it impacts how, why, and where new people work. Your onboarding process can affect the quality of work, motivation, and passion shown by an individual for years to come. Yet, many organizations invest as little into onboarding as possible. Good onboarding will aid with productivity, employee retention,

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What is EQ and why every company needs it

Gone are the days when IQ and skills were the primary (or even only) factors when  deciding whether to hire someone. Now, most HR teams are paying closer attention to skills that can help determine success in a role, such as personal skills and traits that make a good leader, efficient employee, and good problem

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Taking Team Dynamics into Account During the Recruitment Process

Hiring often looks simple from the outside. An inside look shows a process complex enough to have thousands of studies dedicated to single aspects of recruitment. Companies spend millions on assessing, training, and hiring the right people to drive their companies, and for good reason. The right people can make or break a business. People-fit

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What Goes into Quality Employee Screening?

Employee screening functions to ensure only the right candidates make it to interviews. This serves the dual purpose of reducing time and investment spent at later steps and reducing the risk of a wrong hire. Screening can be as simple as a background check or as complex as a multi-pronged behavior, competency, and personality assessments

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