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5 traits to look for when hiring a software developer

Software development is an intricate industry. On one hand, it demands a high level of professionalism from the specialists, and developers need a certain level of skills and knowledge to succeed. On the other hand, software development has a lot to do with soft skills, including the ability to communicate and empathize with clients and

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The 5 cornerstones of successful leadership

Successful leadership is something that every company strives for. There are dozens of courses on how to become a good leader and hundreds of online tutorials, all of them promising one thing – to make a true leader out of any person. But how can you tell what works? And how do you define efficient

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How to set the right KPIs for your employees

“Business! Business! Numbers!” This quote from “The Lego Movie” reflects the idea of KPIs perfectly. In order to keep the business growing, everyone on a team should know what’s going on in the company right now and what has to be done next. But if a manager says: “We have to do better next month!”

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