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How to Promote Your Company Culture to Attract the Right Candidates

This is a guest post from Allison Hail. Allison is a creative writer living in Wellington, New Zealand whose work has been published in various sites. She’s also known for her love of anything related to travel and technology. Discover more of her work here.  Your employees are a crucial aspect of your company, but how do you attract the right people to work for you? Having a great company culture is not only a [...]

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When to Let Go of Poor Performers in the Workplace

Performance reviews have long been under-fire for practices of ranking individuals into top, middle, and bottom tiers. However, these tiers or other setups showing individuals who consistently perform under set standards can help your organization to improve and succeed. Traditionally, individuals who consistently underperform are simply let go, as they are either fired or do not receive contract renewal. Modern HR practices typically require a much more human-friendly approach, where you should offer opportunities and [...]

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How to brand your company well among your employees

Internal branding is a big deal. While companies invest overwhelming sums of money into external PR campaigns, they seem to ignore internal PR and no zero effort to brand the company among their own employees. And this is a critical mistake. Numerous studies show that 92% of people trust the opinion of their friends and family much more than they trust advertising and paid marketing campaigns – and guess who stands behind this word-of-mouth marketing? [...]

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How to Preserve Institutional Knowledge and Prevent Brain Drain

Brain drain is a situation where organizations are faced with older staff leaving and retiring at a faster rate than new employees reach equivalent levels of skill and expertise. This can be a problem in organizations of all sizes. While especially relevant to fast-scaling startups who often outpace their own ability to onboard effectively, brain drain impacts even massive companies with tens of thousands of employees. Preventing knowledge loss often means creating preventive strategies, effectively [...]

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5 traits to look for when hiring a software developer

Software development is an intricate industry. On one hand, it demands a high level of professionalism from the specialists, and developers need a certain level of skills and knowledge to succeed. On the other hand, software development has a lot to do with soft skills, including the ability to communicate and empathize with clients and companies. Most hiring managers who work with software developers know the basic skills to look for in a candidate, usually [...]

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