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4 Tips on Getting Actionable Employee Feedback

This is a guest post from Ashley Wilson. Ashley is a digital nomad and freelance writer from San Diego, California. When she is not busy baking cupcakes, Ashley loves writing about business, digital marketing, and finance. Connect with Ashley via Twitter @ashleygwilson. Most businesses understand the value of getting customer feedback, but many are missing

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6 ways to encourage employee retention

You’ve built the perfect team. They’re talented, they complement each other’s skills, they perform outstandingly, they’re a joy to work with, and they create a positive culture. The only problem? You can’t sleep at night for fear that they might hand in their notice. Employee retention is a hot HR issue, which is why we’re

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Should you do a social media check before an interview?

Social media showcases someone’s interests, hobbies, and even personality. By looking at a person’s Instagram profile, you can spot their favorite places, ways of spending time, and even learn about their views on modern trends and culture. However, you cannot predict whether a person will be a perfect fit for your team or not just

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How to Keep Non-Commission-Based Team Members Motivated

Sales teams have very traditionally been motivated by commission-based pay, where they receive a percentage or cut of total sales. At the same time, commission-based pay can be counter-productive, in that it forces team-members to focus on aggressive sales, rather than important aspects such as customer service, customer satisfaction, and ease of administration. Dropping the

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