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How to Implement Strategic Talent Management

Managing a workforce over time, as organizational needs change, is one of the most difficult jobs handled by HR. Strategic talent management is the process of optimizing recruitment, hiring, and internal development in line with business goals and needs, so that the workforce is always ready to meet those goals. Although many HR teams don’t implement talent management beyond the basics of acquiring, hiring, and retaining skilled individuals, strategic talent management can offer a great [...]

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4 Tips on Getting Actionable Employee Feedback

This is a guest post from Ashley Wilson. Ashley is a digital nomad and freelance writer from San Diego, California. When she is not busy baking cupcakes, Ashley loves writing about business, digital marketing, and finance. Connect with Ashley via Twitter @ashleygwilson. Most businesses understand the value of getting customer feedback, but many are missing out on a much more valuable source of actionable intelligence: their own employees. While customer feedback is important, it often [...]

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6 ways to encourage employee retention

You’ve built the perfect team. They’re talented, they complement each other’s skills, they perform outstandingly, they're a joy to work with, and they create a positive culture. The only problem? You can’t sleep at night for fear that they might hand in their notice. Employee retention is a hot HR issue, which is why we’re covering the top six ways to encourage employee retention (and get a full night’s sleep). The importance of employee retention [...]

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Should you do a social media check before an interview?

Social media showcases someone's interests, hobbies, and even personality. By looking at a person’s Instagram profile, you can spot their favorite places, ways of spending time, and even learn about their views on modern trends and culture. However, you cannot predict whether a person will be a perfect fit for your team or not just by looking at their social media page. People behave differently at home and at work – and that’s the primary [...]

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How Should Employee Assessments Impact Business Results?

Employee assessments and performance reviews are an often-resource-intensive endeavor requiring training, time from HR, and third-party tooling for assessment, testing, and monitoring programs. Whether you’re attempting to validate the efficacy of employee assessments, attempting to streamline them to meet goals, or attempting to gain buy-in for improvements from management, understanding how these assessments do and should impact business results will help. Employee assessments exist to tell you the state of employees and their performance, which [...]

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