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5 Fatal flaws of attracting talent

The global talent shortage is at a record high, with 45% of employers across the world finding it difficult to fill roles with the right people – but is the talent shortage really the problem? Millions of businesses are so busy trying to find talent, that they’ve neglected to attract it – adopting practices that,

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How to Use Top Employees in New Employee Selection

Employee selection is one of the most researched elements of the recruitment process. Once you have resumes submitted, conduct interviews, and have qualified candidates, how do you select the best for the role? How do you validate that selection? Employee profiles are one way you can use examples already within your organization – your top

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How to Set Employee Communication Goals

Employee communication is one of the backbones of an organization. Individual ability to share information, create buy-in for ideas, analyze data, give and take criticism, benefit from mentorship, and work together in an effective and productive manner all depend on communication. Unfortunately, most people aren’t great at it. Everyone from people in janitorial jobs to

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Certification Course on Gamified Leadership Effectiveness Training

Please join us on June 19-20 for our Certification Course on Gamified Leadership Effectiveness Training! For years now, behavioral scientists believed that there is a close link to playing digital games and leadership development – this is because of the intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivation that they experience when playing these games. One feels

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