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5 Fatal flaws of attracting talent

The global talent shortage is at a record high, with 45% of employers across the world finding it difficult to fill roles with the right people - but is the talent shortage really the problem? Millions of businesses are so busy trying to find talent, that they’ve neglected to attract it - adopting practices that, instead, are driving candidates away. If you’re struggling to fill positions, take a look at these six fatal flaws of [...]

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How and Why to Assess Core Values in Candidates

Value-based assessments have always been popular in organizations, but today, they’re more popular than ever. With even large-scale organizations like Southwest Airlines and Aegon adopting core-value based hiring, many businesses are wondering why and how they can do the same. Core values represent a candidate’s core beliefs relating to moral questions and answers. Most organizations benefit from learning about these values before making a hire but it’s important not to rely too heavily on value-based [...]

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How to Get Corporate Buy-In for Your HR Initiatives

Starting a new initiative in HR can dramatically change the face of an organization, either through improving hiring, streamlining payrolling, or making data more accessible and available. No matter what your initiative is, you likely need corporate buy-in, both from financial decision-makers and from the leaders who must serve as examples and first adopters of any initiative you push to the organization. Have a Plan The first step of garnering corporate buy-in for any initiative [...]

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Top HR Books to Read This Year

Whether you’re working to improve yourself and your approach to HR, looking for ideas to implement into HR practices in your organization, or want to learn more about your industry, reading is an excellent way to do it. Human Resources is an incredibly popular subject, with thousands of books published year on using data and analytics to manage people, on best practices for people and team management or setup, on emotional intelligence and leadership development, [...]

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Certification Course on Gamified Leadership Effectiveness Training

Please join us on June 19-20 for our Certification Course on Gamified Leadership Effectiveness Training! For years now, behavioral scientists believed that there is a close link to playing digital games and leadership development – this is because of the intrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivation that they experience when playing these games. One feels happy and motivated when they win levels through a game and at the same time receive rewards for when they [...]

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