A Public Learning Session in Partnership with the Organizational Development Association – Visayas

Join us this coming June 7, 2019, for the first ever Organizational Development Forum in Cebu City!


Dealing with Walang Forever: How do you manage talent when you know they may leave you soon or sooner?

Every organization would like to invest in talent. But how should organizations invest in a resource which they do not have full control e.g. resources who can easily walk out of the door and work with a competitor?

The YOLO Mindset: How do you establish a culture of high performance when your employees are preoccupied in planning for their next vacation and for their own bucket lists?

Culture management is one of the challenges in sustaining a high-performing work system. Organizations invest in values enculturation Programs and comprehensive performance management systems. But how can the company inculcate its core values among its employees when they are more concerned with their personal plans?

In the era of Paasa: How do you sustain mental health and well-being in a generation overwhelmed with a lot of desires, aspirations, and ambitions?

Studies have shown how social media has contributed to raising serious mental health concerns. Additionally; workplace stress and increasing job complexity fuel the desire for speedy, sometimes unrealistic career advancement. How can an organization implement mental health programs to help employees cope with frustrations?

Gearing Up for the Z’s: How should Organizational Development practices and programs evolve to adapt to the change in times?

We have geared up so much in millennial-izing our organizations. On the other hand, Generation Z workers have already started filling out our entry ranks. How do we blend in and take advantage of the generational differences?

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