5 Budget Friendly Ways to Show Your Team Appreciation

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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Show Your Team Appreciation

Showing appreciation to your team is one of the easiest ways to keep morale up, to offer motivation, and to encourage individuals to continue to excel. But, while fiscal appreciation is often the first-choice for large organizations, you don’t have to shower employees with large cash bonuses, expensive holidays, or company cars to show appreciation. Showing team appreciation can be budget friendly, and you might be surprised at how effective simple and small measures can be.

These 5 budget friendly ways to show your team appreciation will get you started.

Celebrate Small Wins

Setting small goals and celebrating winning them is one of the easiest ways to make employees feel accomplished and appreciated. For example, if your team completes everything on a to-do list last minute and smashes a goal, even without long-term planning, taking a 5-minute meeting to recognize everyone, sending an email, or otherwise simply acknowledging and celebrating it is a great idea.

Similarly, you could organize small parties, events or potlucks to celebrate finishing large goals. How? Is your team nearing the end of a spring? Organize a pizza party on the last day. Finished a year-long goal or objective? Organize an after-work social gathering (not necessarily but hopefully paid by the organization) or so on. Simply organizing a place to say thank you, showing up, sharing gratitude, and spending a small amount of money will go a long way towards saying “I appreciate you”.

Call Out Individual and Team Accomplishments

Weekly or morning meetings are an excellent place to share appreciation for teams and individuals. Here, you can take a moment to say, “I really appreciate how hard everyone is working on this”, or “That idea Dave submitted last week has really helped, thank you. I’d like everyone to feel free to step forward in the future”.

Here, simply taking a moment to verbally acknowledge positive behavior or achievements will go a long way.

Allow Flex-Work

Flex-work, or the ability to choose work hours and whether to work from home or an office is one of the most desired employee perks. It’s also one that’s extremely cost-effective for you, because as long as employees are still performing the work, it doesn’t really cost you anything. While you will need infrastructure if employees have to work over VPN or through a virtual computer, it’s otherwise very budget friendly.

How does it show appreciation? Flex work makes life more convenient for your employees, allows them to set their own schedule and allows them to take time for family and life events when and where needed without stressing about it.

Say it With Food and Small Perks

While anything but free, providing food, small perks like daycare, or something like a public transport pass will add a great deal for your employees. For example, offering free lunch to your team means individuals won’t have to wake up early and pack food and won’t have to order food in. They’ll have more time and leisure to simply eat and enjoy their break, which will improve the quality of that break. Similarly, offering daycare can be extremely inexpensive for a large office or team, but extremely cost-saving for individuals.

It’s always a good idea to review team needs, question what the team wants and needs, and work to offer perks that benefit everyone involved.

Invest in Your Employees

While you can continue to offer perks like food and travel, the best way to show appreciation is often by investing in development and personal growth. Offering mentorship, coaching, career development, and leadership training where applicable will show individuals that you care about them, you are investing in them, and you greatly appreciate them and their work.

Showing teams appreciation will help you to boost motivation, mood, and often, performance across those teams, so it’s always worth doing. While not always free, even budget friendly ways to show appreciation can have dramatic results, which will increase your team happiness.

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