3 Ways Technology Can Help You Scale HR Efforts with a Lean Team

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3 Ways Technology Can Help You Scale HR Efforts with a Lean Team

Many HR teams build exemplary recruitment and management processes, only to lose them as their organization begins to grow. Developing any sort of sustainable team requires creating sustainable results that scale with your organizations and your team. Anything your HR team accomplishes must easily scale, allowing your team to keep up even through massive growth spurts, performance review, and during recruitment phases.

Technology offers solutions to help you scale HR efforts, without greatly expanding your team or adding too much work and complexity. These three ways HR can help you scale will get you started on your way to designing HR processes in a way that makes sense for now and for the long-term.

Introducing an HR Portal or Platform

Managing employee onboarding, keeping individuals up-to-date with processes and policy change, and ensuring information is available and easily accessible to employees is time-consuming. A digital platform or portal is one easy solution that makes your HR efforts significantly more saleable. In most cases, you can integrate an HR portal into other service delivery such as work processes, documentation, and team management.

An HR portal should include:

  • Basic HR information such as work-hours, opening times, office locations, contact and so on
  • Individual user profiles
  • Company policy (Vacation, Contract, Healthcare, etc.)
  • Contract information
  • Development options and opportunities
  • Career path information
  • Application portal for time off, sick days, etc.

You may also want to include information such as team structures, frequently asked questions, tools used in the organization, easy contacts to IT, IT support, and so on in your portal.

Why? Creating a single portal with everything the average employee needs to navigate your organization, make decisions, and submit requests to HR – without requiring manual assistance.

Self-service greatly improves the accessibility of these services as well, because anyone can access them without waiting for someone from HR to have free time. You will, however, have to invest in a strong onboarding program that includes teaching every individual how to use the portal.

Automating Processes

From onboarding to logging payment data, HR can greatly benefit from automating processes. Here, you can typically determine what to automate by simply reviewing where you’re spending time on repetitive tasks like data entry.

If you’re using the same formulas for calculations, filling in the same data, or otherwise fulfilling a repetitive task, chances are, you could automate it. Automation allows you to speed up tasks, cutting man-hours, and freeing up HR for more value-added tasks.

While you should retain a manual review of any document or process, automation will allow you to scale much more quickly without adding on team members.

Digitally Analyzing Data

Many processes can be sped up and improved by simple digitization. Doing so will allow you to manage processes more quickly and easily, while reacting and sharing information across your organization.

Some processes that greatly benefit from full or partial digitization include performance review and management, employee onboarding, development and development reimbursement, transfers and promotions, actions such as discipline or demotion, and so on.

Keeping records of data online, managing it through a digital portal, and collecting it digitally will save time and money for your HR team.

Outsourcing HR Assessments

Scaling a business is tough enough, but as you grow you’ll have to learn how to hire rapidly and intelligently. Here’s where assessment technology comes in.

HR pros can use assessments to quickly determine which candidates are good fits for a job, based on past role performance. By creating benchmarks from your top performers, you can use assessments to quickly and accurately pinpoint future top employees who would be fully capable and fulfilled in the role you’re hiring for.

Investing in the right tools and technology will help your HR team to scale with your organization, without growing beyond scope or budget.

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