Please join us on May 20 for a public seminar for GENOS-certified professionals; Train the Trainers Certification Program. This program is one of the most in-demand course programs and is an essential tool for your journey in disseminating emotional intelligence (EI) programs for your business partners as consultants or organizations as part of their learning and development team.

Please note, this program can only be availed by GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioners. Participants will need to bring their GENOS reports. If you’re interested in becoming a certified GENOS EI practitioner, please join us for our GENOS certification program.

GENOS programs are anchored on the 70-20-10 model of facilitation. This means 70% experiential, 20% interactive discussion, and 10% lecture. We believe that learning by doing is more effective. This program will help you be more adept in rolling out anchor programs, especially for emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors.

By the end of the day, participants should have the familiarity and confidence to roll out a Leading with EI one- or two-day program. Along with this, the participants should be creative and bold enough to add their own “personalities” and “styles” to the program.

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Program Goals

  • Explore the neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence,
  • Examine tools and techniques for effectively asking for, and responding to, feedback,
  • Explore techniques for developing self and other awareness,
  • Examine how we can use reactive and proactive techniques to build our resilience and
  • Effectively manage strong emotions, and
  • Explore different approaches for facilitating the different session and gather feedback from others

The investment for this course is P12,995 plus VAT and includes manuals, course materials, your certification and meals. Limited stock materials such as the Leadership and/or Workplace deck of cards used in different ways as workshop activities from Genos International (Sydney) can be purchased for Php 800 per deck or Php 1,500.00 for two decks.

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Note: Please bring your GENOS reports.

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