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Organizational Development Forum 2019

A Public Learning Session in Partnership with the Organizational Development Association – Visayas Join us this coming June 7, 2019, for the first ever Organizational Development Forum in Cebu City! Topics Dealing with Walang Forever: How do you manage talent when you know they may leave you soon or sooner? Every organization would like to invest in

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5 Budget Friendly Ways to Show Your Team Appreciation

Showing appreciation to your team is one of the easiest ways to keep morale up, to offer motivation, and to encourage individuals to continue to excel. But, while fiscal appreciation is often the first-choice for large organizations, you don’t have to shower employees with large cash bonuses, expensive holidays, or company cars to show appreciation.

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3 Ways Technology Can Help You Scale HR Efforts with a Lean Team

Many HR teams build exemplary recruitment and management processes, only to lose them as their organization begins to grow. Developing any sort of sustainable team requires creating sustainable results that scale with your organizations and your team. Anything your HR team accomplishes must easily scale, allowing your team to keep up even through massive growth

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GENOS Train the Trainers Certification Program

Please join us on May 20 for a public seminar for GENOS-certified professionals; Train the Trainers Certification Program. This program is one of the most in-demand course programs and is an essential tool for your journey in disseminating emotional intelligence (EI) programs for your business partners as consultants or organizations as part of their learning

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Why Emotional Intelligence Components Are Vital In HR Assessments

This is a guest post from Melisa Marzett. Melisa is a freelance writer currently working for a thesis writing service. Emotional intelligence (EI) is one of the most critical indicators affecting the success of an employee’s career in many positions. Every HR manager should know what it is. Different levels of emotional intelligence play a

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GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification 2019

Please join us May 16-17 as we host our annual GENOS Emotional Intelligence Certification. This program is specially designed to make you an expert in applying emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace. You will leave the certification program being able to: Design and sell emotional intelligence solutions. Develop individuals’ and teams’ emotional intelligence by assessing

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Employee Engagement Workshop: How to Engage and Energize Your Employees

Please join us on July 16-17 , 2019 for an Employee Engagement Workshop: How to Engage and Energize Your Employees. Employee turnover is something that every business experiences. Employees come and go, but when they leave, it takes time and money to find and train a replacement. A healthy workplace breeds business growth. It is essential

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