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How Automated Employee Selection Tools Remove Hiring Bias

Modern hiring and recruitment is more diverse than ever before, yet many recruiters may still retain their hiring biases. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for people to escape the biasses they’re rasied with, which influence split-second decisions to move candidates on to the next process of hiring, to keep a resume, or even to grant an interview

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How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated

Your sales team is instrumental to driving new customers to your organization, but no matter how productive, most sales teams will eventually see a drop in performance. At the end of the day, selling to strangers is hard, demotivating, and often very poorly rewarded. Sales teams have to predict what customers want, pitch products accordingly,

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5 Most Effective Employee Selection Tools

Thousands of HR tools, techniques, and methods exist to help with employee selection and hiring. Recruitment is one of the most important processes handled by HR, and one that many still struggle with. The process of refining and choosing candidates who represent not just people who can do a job but individuals who will grow

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Choosing an Assessment Center for Employee Testing

Hiring and recruitment are key processes for any organization, but many companies simply don’t have the resources to design and implement a proper recruitment process. Outsourcing to an assessment center allows you to implement strong recruitment processes, frameworks, and test standards. While this will require investment upfront, it helps to ensure you are hiring for

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Scale Construction and Development: A Workshop for Aspiring Test Developers

Please join us on April 24 to 25 for a 2-day workshop on Scale Construction and Development. This workshop focuses on the application of knowledge pertaining to the basics of psychological test development. Specifically, an overview of testing, ethics, and the 5 phases of test development will be tackled through interactive lecture and hands-on experience.

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Integrating Competency Frameworks for Employee Assessment

Employee assessment and performance management is a crucial role of HR, and one that impacts business performance, goal achievement, and leadership development. While performance appraisal and employee assessment has traditionally been tied to factors such as actual personal output and performance, new models are replacing simple productivity assessment with more complex assessments capable of measuring

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Independent Contractors in 2019

Independent contractors are a versatile and flexible workforce, often brought into organizations for both short and long-term projects. While independent contractors are largely seen as a readily available source of highly-skilled labor, many organizations also see independent contractors as a risk, which does impact decision-making a great deal. If you’re considering bringing independent contractors into

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3 Types of Employment Testing and Why They Matter

Employment testing is growing in popularity as recruiters are inundated with more and more hiring choice. Glassdoor suggests that the average job opening receives 250+ resumes, and recruiters and HR managers need an efficient way to sort through candidates to highlight and hire the best ones. Employment testing is a tool that can help by

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Common HR Mistakes: What to Look out for at Your Company

People make up the heart of any organization, and HR is responsible for facilitating those people. HR professionals connect employees, select quality candidates, manage working conditions, and ensure everyone has the tools and training to perform to their best potential. In an ideal situation, HR functions to bring good people in, while working to improve

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