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Choosing an Assessment Center for Employee Testing

Hiring and recruitment are key processes for any organization, but many companies simply don’t have the resources to design and implement a proper recruitment process. Outsourcing to an assessment center allows you to implement strong recruitment processes, frameworks, and test standards. While this will require investment upfront, it helps to ensure you are hiring for the long-term, recruit individuals who are matched to your culture, organization, and goals. At the same time, not all recruitment [...]

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Scale Construction and Development: A Workshop for Aspiring Test Developers

Please join us on April 24 to 25 for a 2-day workshop on Scale Construction and Development. This workshop focuses on the application of knowledge pertaining to the basics of psychological test development. Specifically, an overview of testing, ethics, and the 5 phases of test development will be tackled through interactive lecture and hands-on experience. By the end of this workshop, participants are expected to demonstrate skills in documentary analysis, item construction, item analysis, and [...]

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Common HR Mistakes: What to Look out for at Your Company

People make up the heart of any organization, and HR is responsible for facilitating those people. HR professionals connect employees, select quality candidates, manage working conditions, and ensure everyone has the tools and training to perform to their best potential. In an ideal situation, HR functions to bring good people in, while working to improve and facilitate individuals already in the organization. Unfortunately, any HR team is only human. Mistakes happen, and without the benefit [...]

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