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A basic checklist for business travel

Traveling for work is something that many professionals will have to do eventually. To avoid problems and ensure a smooth work experience, HR should double check this quick and simple checklist during the planning process, before someone departs, and after they return. If you’re the one doing the traveling, double check this list as well

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Empowering Employees in the Age of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation offers the opportunity to optimize, expand, and streamline processes, but for employees, it often means taking on risk. Employees switching to new tools, new work processes, and even new roles will experience skills gaps and job insecurity, which can lead to resistance, even in the face of positive change. Taking the steps to

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Creating a Culture of Coaching

Coaching is an extremely valuable tool that can help you to train new leaders, balance weak points in skills and behavior, and bring new people into your company culture. Coaching, or one-on-one training, typically through both example and advice, will help employees to build themselves at every level, and it is something that will benefit

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Emotional Intelligence Training: The New Workplace Trend

Emotional intelligence has quickly risen in popularity as more and more organizations recognize its importance. With value in employee retention, job satisfaction, collaboration, and conflict resolution, emotional intelligence plays into nearly every part of the modern workforce. But it’s difficult to test for, with the four recognized aspects of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship

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Are Competencies Enough to Build Strong Teams?

Employee assessment tactics like behavioral competencies are extremely popular in HR, and often for good reason. Recognizing how and why an individual will react and act in any given situation gives leaders the opportunity to put those people into work environments where they will excel, to offer training to help people excel, and to recognize

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