Are you all set for a successful 2019?

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Are you all set for a successful 2019?

As January draws to a close, it’s important to make sure your company and employees are set for a successful 2019. This includes understanding your company’s values, goals, and resources, as well as knowing what is expected of them.

Understanding values

The values of your company are important for everyone to know, because it’s what your brand stands for. For example, if you value transparency, your team should know to always default to transparency rather than secrecy.

Values are important so your team knows how to act professionally, and what values they must align the decisions in their role with.

Knowing overall goals

The big goals of your company can be considered your mission statement. These goals are vital to keep the business defensible, unique, and sustainable. When the entire company knows and strives to hit your company goals, it drives your overall success.

This is important for everyone to know so that they can ensure every action they make pushes the company further towards their big goals. It’ll also show each team member how their role is vital for reaching those goals, which creates a sense of purpose.

Using your resources

Each company has a set of resources that are available to different departments. Each team member should know what resources they have access to. This helps keep everyone well-equipped, knowledgeable, and capable of doing their jobs well.

For example, if someone is working on your ads team, give them access to their budgets, software tools, and any consultants your company may use.

Staying accountable

Finally, make sure every team member knows what s/he is accountable for. This is important so that they can take ownership of the metrics and tasks they’re responsible for, and analyze what went wrong if something isn’t done. It will also help prevent them from stepping into another department’s resources and tasks, unless asked, to avoid confusion.

When your team understands their responsibilities, overall company goals, brand values, and the resources they have available to them, they’ll be best equipped to do their jobs well this 2019.

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