11 HR hacks to make business more productive

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11 HR hacks to make business more productive

This is a guest post from Jasika Adams. Jasika is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. She is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.  

Human Resources is a vital part of an organization. They are responsible for the kind of employees who enter and stay with a company. Since employees are the building blocks of a firm, the role played by HR cannot be underestimated. A highly proficient and capable candidate adds immense value to the organization. Employing competent managers, leaders, and workers is a vital task as without adequate human capital, a business in merely an idea. But how does the firm manage to build a pool of talented professionals?

We’ve compiled a list of tactics, mostly needing nominal resources, to recruit and retain able and highly accomplished individuals into the organization. From corporate hiring giants to the HR managers of a small business, all look for innovative ways to bag the top talent in their industry.

Here are a few points you can use to help hire and retain top talent.

Make that job description interesting

Many-a-times, this simple element is often overlooked by many organizations. A boring job description is not likely to attract the eye of good candidates. It might be able to describe the job responsibilities and list out the required skills but may falter in its very purpose of attracting the best talent. A Job description should be stimulating and exciting to sell the rewards of the job to the candidate. Some organizations take their job descriptions very seriously. In order to make the boring Job description livelier, some organizations have introduced video job descriptions. This gives the applicants an improved view of what the job and team ‘feels’ like. An advanced and exciting job description can help an organization find an equally driven contender for an exciting job position.


Instagram made boomerangs hugely popular, but do you know that it can be a super effective HR hack as well? Boomerang is the process of hiring former personnel. It is a helpful HR hack, which can aid the organization in gaining back the talented employees that they had let go before. This can have several benefits. If employees see that their employer is enthusiastically working to bring back employees, it can have an encouraging effect on morale — and it can bring people back together who previously worked well as a team. Also, rehired workers understand the company culture, and employers don’t have to retrain them.

Effective use of Social Media

In this digital era, every individual is familiar with social media. Its reach has increased multifold. So why not use it to our advantage? It is a convenient medium to advertise job positions in an organization. Linked In has a large user base and so do other social media sites. It offers a better reach to a wider audience. This means a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. This, in turn, translates into an increase in the organization’s chances of appointing the finest talent and further prevents it from staying restrained to a particular region.

Employee Referrals

Oldest trick in the bag, yet it is useful till date. It has been a common method of recruitment to ask for recommendations from top employees of the organization, to fill job positions in the organization. An employee who is hired through the reference of a top manager or employee is believed to be trustworthy. This is because he/she is employed for the sake of the recommending employee’s reputation, thus minimizing the chances of any corrupt additions to the organization. Apart from referrals from top employees, companies can also refer them from top customers, previous top employees or company well-wishers.

The two pizzas rule by Jeff Bezos

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos famously created the “two pizza rule,” which says that you should never have meetings where two pizzas can’t feed everybody in the room. It is not due to frugality. It is based on the idea that too many people can make meetings less fruitful. Meetings can sometimes be time-consuming disruptions so look at your approach to meetings and analyse whether they’re helping or hampering your productivity. Think about who really needs to be there and list the objectives at the beginning so that everyone is clear about how they can contribute and achieve the end goal of the meeting.

Unofficial setups to explore talent

A non-official and friendly event is a brilliant way to gain a better perspective about a potential candidate beyond their resume. Any social event, commonly attended by top professionals, is the idea event any organization can hope to find a ‘right’ candidate for the job positions.

Helping align an individual’s goals with organizational goals

A good HR manager knows that it is important to understand an employee’s expectations and job aspirations. This is because there are various factors that could impact their decision of taking up the job and their earlier job frustrations. When we have a clear idea concerning the expectations of the candidate we can tailor our offer to ensure that the candidate chooses us and not the competitor. It also helps him believe that he can achieve his individual goals on the job and develop his career the way he wanted it to.

Upgrading technology

Obsolete technology frustrates the modern worker than nothing else. Outdated tools and resources hamper employee productivity and hinder them from quickly and efficiently deliver on the job. While the world has transformed dramatically in the recent years with the development of social and mobile, the world inside most organizations has stayed largely the same. Although companies have raced to elevate their systems to meet customers’ expectations, they have failed to consider the employee experience.

To uncover employee potential and increase productivity, businesses need to move into the future with virtual collaboration tools like Salesforce Chatter that let cross-functional teams to connect, collaborate, share files, data, and expertise, all in real-time and from anywhere in the world. Innovative workplace technology will also put an end to those seemingly endless company email chains. With solutions like Quip, chat is built into documents so your entire team can write, edit and discuss them in real-time. It’s a perfect example of how advancing your technology isn’t just about helping employees work faster — it’s about getting everybody working smarter.

Focus on Public Relations

This is a crucial department for any organization. It can help the organization greatly if the HR Department and the PR department work in sync. How so? Noteworthy publications, mention in famous lists or business awards can help boost up organizations public image which in turn increases the inflow of applicants for job vacancies in the organization. Effective utilization is the key to success here.

An office space unique to its culture

A physical workspace that is comfortable, inviting and warm has a lasting effect on the minds of employees. A study revealed awe-inspiring evidence that elements of office design have a great influence on the productivity and well-being of the people who work there. So, while in the past, an employer’s only concern might be providing a desk, a phone, and a computer, Salesforce now recognizes there’s real value in outfitting office spaces with details like warm LED lighting, windows that provide sunlight and views, desks that can be adjusted to sit/stand for comfort, and dedicated mindfulness areas that help employees rejuvenate. The workspace is also a reflection of an organization’s brand, hence it should be designed with care.

The goal of healthy living

Encourage employees to maintain balance in their lives. There’s a direct correlation between employee wellness and job performance. Similarly, eating healthy and exercising is tied to increases in workplace productivity, getting more sleep helps employees earn more, and meditation helps promote divergent thinking. As an HR professional, you’ll need to build a business case for wellness in the workplace and demonstrate to your executives there is real ROI in having happy, healthy employees.

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