3 Useful tools to help your HR department

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3 Useful tools to help your HR department

Any job is easier when you’re equipped with a range of advanced tools, which is why HR departments around the world are rapidly undergoing a digital transformation.

Adoption of IT-based tools allows for more transparent and more effective workforce management, while their costs are negligible compared to the benefits they bring to the table. In fact, there is a global trend towards greater automation and data-based decision-making that was made possible by introduction of highly sophisticated software packages well equipped to assist in essential HR duties.

While exact needs and financial possibilities of every company may vary, the following high-tech tools are so valuable that no serious HR professional should be forced to work without them:

Attendance tracking solution

Tracking when the employees arrive to work and how much time they spend away from their stations allows employers to have a precise picture about typical behavior of the workers.

This tool also simplifies management of planned absences and allows for replacements to be called in on time in case a shortage is on the horizon.

Proactive scheduling that takes into account human resource availability as well as future project needs can be developed to intricate detail with the help of an integrated time and attendance solution.

Finally, data generated through this tool can be analyzed to determine which departments may be chronically understaffed or suffering from too many unplanned absences, with the corresponding personnel moves aiming to fix such imbalances.

Performance assessment software

In order to measure how much each employee is contributing to company objectives, it’s possible to use performance tracking tools optimized for the type of duties that each of the workers is fulfilling.

Those tools are capable of measuring the practical output of each employee, forming a strong foundation for impartial assessment by the management.

Additionally, when the employees are aware that their performance is measured objectively, they will be more motivated to achieve solid results day after day, and less likely to react defensively to constructive criticism.

This allows for gradual and cost-effective improvement of the company output, either through rewarding the most productive workers or by replacing those that fail to pull their weight.

Automated payroll administration

Calculating precise salaries that include overtime, bonuses and all applicable deductions is a time-consuming process that demands undivided attention to avoid mistakes.

For this reason, this is an area where automation achieves amazing results, cutting the time needed to administer the reimbursements for all employees considerably while at the same time ensuring that errors are kept at a minimum.

Apayroll automation tool can greatly reduce the pressure on the HR department and allow its key members to spend more time proactively analyzing the data, rather than merely crunching numbers. On the flip side, a majority of employees will appreciate that their salaries are paid out quicker and reflect the true number of hours accurately, making payroll software a win-win proposition for everyone.

Installation of software packages for HR management is just the first step. To fully take advantage of digital HR, companies need to alter their operating procedures and adopt a more open-minded and data-based attitude.

This is an organic process that takes time and active effort on the part of the top management, while the role of HR managers is to act as  data interpreters’ and align new, tech-based methods with overall workforce management strategy. Only in this way companies can leverage new technology into a tangible recruiting edge and gain a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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