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Public Seminar: Emotional Intelligence for Today’s Leaders

Please join us this Friday, February 2, for a public seminar on Emotional Intelligence for Today's Leaders. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn why managers, leaders, and staff behave the way they do. You will discuss the direct impact of emotional intelligence on professional performance, and go over case studies that demonstrate how to improve EI. The investment for this workshop is P7,900 plus VAT. All participants will receive an EI Self-Assessment with free coaching/reporting, [...]

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Public Seminar: Crafting a Competency-Based Job Description

Join us on February 22 to 23 as we discuss Crafting a Competency-Based Job Description. This 2-day course goes over how to perform job analysis, with the end goal of crafting a competency-based job description. It follows a workshop style where participants will be conducting job interviews and eventually, writing the corresponding competency-based job descriptions. Register Now Participants will apply basic principles of job analysis and job descriptions, prepare comprehensive job analysis interviews, and write competency-based job [...]

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A Lack of Emotional Intelligence Creates Disruption and Dissatisfaction

Leaders who lack emotional intelligence are unable to respond perceptively and with compassion. This can result in leaders and employees who show insensitivity, arrogance, volatility, selfishness, and inflexible thinking. Consider a situation where an employee experiences a traumatic event, such as a car accident or a breakup and arrives at work late. A leader without emotional intelligence would make them come in anyway, possibly berate them for being late, and create feelings of resentment, while [...]

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How emotional intelligence creates more successful businesses

Emotional intelligence, sometimes shortened to EI or EQ, is the ability of individuals to recognize their own and others' emotions, discern between them, and use that knowledge to guide their thinking, behavior, and actions. The term was first popularized in a 1994 book by Daniel Goleman, "Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More than IQ", but the term and the study of the value of using emotions to form behavior and action dates back to [...]

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5 ways to demonstrate positive engagement on your team

Positive engagement is crucial to driving workforce productivity, reducing turnover, and ensuring adoption of new practices and tools. Having an engaged workforce is an important goal for any HR team, and a crucial element of modern management. Demonstrating engagement means taking active steps to show that you care about employee well-being and engagement, on an individual level. How to demonstrate positive engagement Facilitate Good Communication Clear and transparent communication between leadership and employees facilitates trust, understanding, [...]

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