Tools to create an accurate job description

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Tools to create an accurate job description

Struggling to find a place to start when writing a job posting? It can be hard to know exactly what a position will require, and you need to frame the job in a way that is honest and attractive to potential candidates. This article will go over what you need to create that accurate job posting.

Tools for an accurate job description

Descriptions from different perspectives

In order to create a holistic job description, you must approach the position from different perspectives. How a supervisor views the role is different from how a colleague or assistant would view it.

Ideally, you would be able to get (in writing) an overview of the position from…

  • Someone who held the position previously
  • The department head the position is under
  • The immediate coworkers of the position

Google Docs

Once you have feedback on the position from key team members, draft the job description in Google Docs.

Google Docs allows you to share collaborative documents across your team. That means you can comment, add to, or delete information from the document in real-time and communicate with others on there. They also provide a “suggesting” mode wherein your edits turn into suggestions for other collaborators to approve or reject.

This will help you put together a job description with the help and easy input from your team. It makes it quick and simple for them to add suggestions or comments, ask questions if things are unclear, and so on.

Job fit assessments

Finally, job matching tools from credited providers can help identify the primary and secondary skills someone needs to succeed at a role. These will be vital to get an accurate portrayal of the required and recommended skills section. If you are able to assess someone who was good at the role, you can benchmark their strengths and weaknesses to use in your job posting as well.

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