Please join us on September 28 and 29 for a two-day seminar, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Testing and Measurement.

The test development program will equip aspiring test developers, HR practitioners & industries with the proper tools and techniques in developing their own standardized test that is valid and reliable. The program covers the basic principles of testing as well as more advanced forms of test validation with a discussion on actual cases, including the phases undergone for each scale.

The basic sections of the seminar will focus on the history of testing, its relevance in the industry, the proper way of writing good items, the ethical considerations as applied to test takers, test administrators and test developers and the relevance of validity and reliability.

For the advanced section, participants will be guided on the step by step process of developing an actual standardized test with application of statistical treatment and analyses.

Course Outline


1. Brief History and Importance of Testing
2. Ethical Considerations in Test Usage and Test Development
3. Test Validity & Reliability Discussion
4. How to Write Good Test Items


1. Steps in Test Development
2. Actual Case Presentation
a. Abstract Reasoning Assessment
b. DISC Personality Profiler
c. Motivational Intensity
d. 360 Feedback Survey

3. Other advanced forms of test validation: CONCERTO, EFA, IRT

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About the Facilitator

Dr. Mariel Kristine Rubia is a licensed psychologist with experience in human resources for more than 10 years. Her specific areas of specialization include recruitment, labor relations, and learning and development.  Presently, Dr. Rubia is a practicing clinical psychologist who works as Managing Partner and Clinical Psychologist at ME Rubia Psychological Assessment Center. Her other areas of specialization include forensic psychology, specifically an expert witness in annulment cases. She published an international journal under forensic pyschology which is all about Testing and Measurement and currently, she’s writing a book about “understanding the self”, which will be offered to CHED and to be released by 2018. Right now, Dr. Rubia is working as a Research and Development Manager who oversees and monitors test development projects for Profiles Asia Pacific and People Dynamics.

She’s also active in the academe as a part-time Assistant Professor at De La Salle University Manila for College and Graduate School level and a part-time Associate Professor at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde under the Human Resource Management Program. She was a full-time Associate Professor specializing in psychology board exam subjects and Human Resource Management subjects for 8 years at St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Dr. Rubia is hardworking, reliable, well-organized, team player, goal-oriented.

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