If you want your business to attract and retain high-quality candidates, you’ll need to equip your human resources department with options, skills, tools, and good teammates. Here’s how to do it.

4 ways to equip your HR department

Education budget

Give your HR department an education budget to subsidize any training or classes they want to take. This could be a week-long course, or an industry conference. Talk to your team about where they need to improve, what would be most useful to learn, and different opportunities to enhance their skills. Allow them to choose how to spend their education budget, but ensure it’s used to learn something relevant to their jobs and help them improve at work.


Assessments in the realm of HR help your team determine who is well-matched to work together, the personal and professional strengths and weaknesses of a candidate, and how well someone will do in a position (via benchmarking).

These aren’t basic IQ tests, or personality tests you can get online by selecting your favorite colors. The assessments your HR department needs must be backed by science and testing. For the level of complexity and study that goes into a good assessment, take a look at our library of assessments and note the number of subjects that come in each category.

Training seminars

Training seminars are short classes that can teach your HR team valuable skills, allow them to network with others in the industry, learn about current best practices, and see what different companies are doing. They’re valuable for equipping your HR team with the skills they need to do their job well. Look for training seminars in Manila and across the Philippines, and give your team an option to take the day off to attend.

Qualified teammates

Your HR department should function well together. That means rather than individuals trying to step over each other to get things done, they need to be able to work together as a team to accomplish more than what they could alone. This is difficult to do when one team member is under-qualified, because others will have to overcompensate. Make sure your team is matched well, so that their skills, strengths, and weaknesses play off of each other. The best team is one that learns from each other and knows when to pitch in a little extra effort.

How else do you equip your HR departments?

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick