The backbone of every company is the people who build and maintain it. HR development helps to ensure that each individual working at your company is a great fit.

Hiring is the most important thing you do. Your HR department is the gatekeeper for your business; they are responsible for finding the best people to join the company, putting together well-matched teams, and onboarding each employee so everyone is equipped for success. That being said, having a skilled, qualified HR department is vital to every business. This is achieved with HR development.

Why HR Development is Crucial

Your HR department needs to stay on top of industry trends. Knowing what’s happening in HR as well as your business industry can give you an edge in finding qualified candidates.

Your HR department needs to know what’s important to the emerging workforce. Hiring isn’t a one-way street, so you need to know what the core values of your target workforce is in order to attract and retain employees.

Your HR department should know how to use new tools available to help them do their jobs better. There are always new tools emerging to help HR operate more efficiently. These could take the form of assessments, new job boards, recruiting methods, and more.

Your HR department is responsible for putting together good teams. You’re putting your workforce composition in the hands of your HR department, and the people who hire need to be able to match personalities and values well.

Your HR department must know how to market a role. HR isn’t just about human relationships, it’s also about understanding what motivates people to join companies. They need some marketing prowess to understand the best places to advertise an open position, the wording to use to “sell” it, and how to get candidates to fill out an application form completely.

Your HR department needs to represent the company to job seekers. HR employees are often the gatekeepers and first human impression that many job seekers get from your company. They need to know how to position themselves and the company for image alignment.

Question: What’s the main driver for HR development at your company?

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick