Organizational development can be complicated without the right guidance and tools at your disposal. To help you navigate changes in your business, we’ve put together a list of organizational development resources. These will help you with restructuring your company, training your employees, and implementing strategy.

Organizational Development Basics

If you’re just getting started with organizational development, this is an introductory article that explains the basics of what it is with a useful graphic and video.


re:Work shares practices, research, and ideas from Google when it comes to hiring, managers, people analytics, and “unbiasing.” Their blog is a database of articles that share how to run a business better, how to create a productive workplace, and more. re:Work also has guides to help you evaluate team effectiveness, develop and support managers, and utilize metrics to make smart business decisions.

Leadership Development Tools and Training

Profiles Asia Pacific provides leadership development training for companies in the Philippines who are looking to evaluate, develop, and train their management teams. This includes recognizing inadequate managers, as well as placing people in your company strategically where needed. Reach out for more information on an expansive list of time-tested assessments to help you understand your workforce better.

Resource Library for Organizational Development Professionals

This is a comprehensive library of organizational development resources from the Free Management Library. It includes information on the different stages in organizational development, how to diagnose what is and isn’t working, different types of organizational interventions, and even a useful history of OD.

How to Implement a New Strategy Without Disrupting Your Organization

This article from the Harvard Business Review explains what you need to look at during organizational change, and how to approach it with minimal business disruption. The article includes case studies, goes over diversity, and offers actionable advice.

This was just a small sampling of the excellent tools available for those interested in learning more about OD and how their business can benefit from it. What other resources should be added to this list? Let us know!

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick