Join us on August 9 from 1 to 5 p.m. for our public seminar on Hugot Sa Sales: People Buy People First, and learn why it’s so important to be emotionally intelligent in sales.

Public Seminar: People Buy People First

Selling Products and Services in the Digital Age is very challenging nowadays and can be quite tricky if you do not innovate and update your skills to adapt with the ever changing times. Whether it’s a cold approach, setting an appointment, sales presentation or closing the sale, it would take a very creative and unique approach to ensure sealing the deal. Thru the application of Emotional Intelligence with its 6 competencies, you set the environment and change the playing field in sales.

This half-day seminar will equip you with the necessary tools and techniques to be a game changer, set a trend in sales strategies that will not only create a new playing field with regards to sales engagement but capture the attention and create an impact to your customer or audience.

Learn unconventional techniques applying all the 6 competencies of Emotional Intelligence to enhance all your sales and marketing related engagements and customized it according to your personality and field of expertise.

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This course will teach participants how to position and market your products and services in the Digital Age applying the 6 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence. You’ll learn the benefits of EI in sales, and discover creative ways to apply it.

Course Outline

  • Current Challenges in Sales in the Digital Age
  • Introduction: What is Emotional Intelligence
    • Definition and Overview
    • 6 Competencies (Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others, Authenticity, Emotional Reasoning, Self-Management, Positive Influence)
    • Importance in Sales
  • Innovate and Creative Techniques applying Emotional Intelligence in Sales Engagements
  • Handling Challenges using Emotional Intelligence in Sales Activities

About the Facilitator

Cally Tiosejo is a Licensed Financial Consultant. Her job includes advising people of the importance of Financial Planning and conduct Corporate Financial Wellness Programs. She is also a resource speaker in various modules in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Events Management Business Operations, Project Management, and Admin Management. Her fields of interest are Coaching on Career Path for employees and Mentoring on Leadership.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick