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These numbers show why HR development is worth investing in

Keeping your human resources department in top shape should be a priority for every business. It's been proven time and again that good HR contributes to success, and it's vital to prepare your HR team for growth. However, we all need a reminder every now and then, especially in this time of increased employee mobility. Here are some statistics that prove every company should pay attention to HR development. 56% of HR Managers considered training and [...]

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The importance of HR development

The backbone of every company is the people who build and maintain it. HR development helps to ensure that each individual working at your company is a great fit. Hiring is the most important thing you do. Your HR department is the gatekeeper for your business; they are responsible for finding the best people to join the company, putting together well-matched teams, and onboarding each employee so everyone is equipped for success. That being said, having [...]

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Organizational development resources

Organizational development can be complicated without the right guidance and tools at your disposal. To help you navigate changes in your business, we've put together a list of organizational development resources. These will help you with restructuring your company, training your employees, and implementing strategy. Organizational Development Basics If you're just getting started with organizational development, this is an introductory article that explains the basics of what it is with a useful graphic and video. re:Work [...]

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Organizational development: The backbone of every long-lasting company

Organizational development (OD) focuses on preparing a company for the future, keeping a business flexible and adaptable enough to fare well through rough weather and changes in the industry. Thanks to the fundamentals of OD, any company can apply it to build a long-lasting brand that can handle unexpected issues throughout time. Here's how to do it. Organizational development for the future Get your managers' support When your managers are onboard for the organizational change [...]

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Public Seminar: Training Needs Analysis

Join us August 24 and 25 for a 2-day workshop on Training Needs Analysis. This workshop addresses what the organization needs pertinent to human resource development, as aligned with its strategic goals. The workshop will expose participants to the whole gamut of the training needs analysis process. They will likewise be oriented with the different TNA tools used to realize a successful competency enhancement venture. Register Now Participants would be able to plan, design, and implement [...]

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