How to design a great employee experience: Tools and culture

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How to design a great employee experience: Tools and culture

In this article on designing a great employee experience, we go over best practices when it comes to the tools they use and company culture you build. If you haven’t already read our installation on onboarding and strategy, find some tips in our previous article.

Designing an employee experience


Top performers bring many things to your company; ideas, fresh perspective, innovation, and even some better ways to do things. They bring skills and experience, plus a great work ethic that contributes to your bottom line.

However, the company has to bring something more than a salary to the table. You need to equip your employees with the tools they need to succeed; this includes software and hardware, as well as a benefits package that will help them remain healthy and productive.

Questions to ask:

  • Do they have a computer that suits their needs? Is it quick enough, virus-free, and portable if needed?
  • Do they have access to all the software they need to operate well? Is it the most efficient, effective, and reliable software available?
  • Do they have a quiet workspace available where uninterrupted work can get done?
  • If their job requires regular meetings with clients or other team members, do they have a professional and equipped meeting space?
  • Do they have access to quick and reliable Internet?
  • If they’re required to interface with clients via the phone, do you provide a phone and phone plan with unlimited minutes?

Also good to consider:

  • Do they have a means to get to work? If many of your employees commute, can you provide bus passes? If they drive, do they have a convenient place to park?
  • If their job requires long hours at a desk, do you provide a gym stipend to ensure good health?
  • If your employees stay late, do you provide dinner or healthy snacks?


When you’re building a company, culture helps to ensure all of your team members have the same values and work ethic. Culture defines the employee experience as part of their day-to-day operations as much as the daily work.

Defining and fostering company culture is a challenge, and there’s no definitive guide to building company culture that’s perfect for your unique company. However, here are some things to get you on the right track;

  • Ask the right questions. Asking the right questions can reveal what your employees are uncomfortable with at work, if there’s anything that the company could be doing that’s low-cost and high-reward, and more.
  • Have occasional team-building activities.
  • Reward your team for jobs well done. If they got a big project finished early, consider getting them lunch or letting them have the afternoon off.

For more in-depth resources on building company culture, check out Kissmetrics’ article on The 4 Elements That Make Great Company Culture, Entrepreneur’s The 8 Essential Steps to Building a Winning Company CultureHow To Build A Great Company Culture on Forbes, and 8 Tips for Building a Great Culture on Inc.

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