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How to Recharge in 5 Minutes

When days get busy, you can find yourself low on time and high on stress. Here are some quick ways to recharge at the office when you only have 5 minutes to spare. 5 Ways to recharge in 5 minutes or less Do eye exercises It's good practice to look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes to prevent eye strain from looking at a screen all day. In addition to that, [...]

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5 Popular Work-Life Friendly Policies

Finding the ideal balance between work and personal life is a common struggle among many employees, and contributes to employee retention and satisfaction. It's something that concerns your top employees, which means it's something you should be paying attention to as well. Here are 5 popular work-life friendly policies that you should consider adopting in your workplace in order to retain your team members. 5 Work-life friendly policies 1. Offer flexible schedules or job sharing Offering [...]

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HR Metrics: What you should be tracking

To manage a team effectively, you need to utilize data to recognize trends, identify best practices, and understand what isn't working. Here are a few HR metrics you should be tracking and what they mean. HR metrics to track Cost per hire How much does it cost your business in time and money to hire one person? This includes the cost of putting job ads out, the time/money cost of all the people who need [...]

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How to Work with Academics to Improve Your HR Department

Do you have questions within your HR department that you just don't have the time or capacity to test and answer? Some of the questions could include when the best time to promote someone is, what is helping and hindering your retention rate, and how to improve your hiring process. You may not have the time to create reports on all of these, but you can work with academics in an academic HR collaboration. They'll be [...]

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