Join us for a seminar in mindful leadership on May 30, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at SEDA BGC. Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating high performance, motivating others to do things effectively and efficiently.

Emotional intelligence is a key attribute that helps leaders achieve this function. There is a wealth of literature detailing the impact emotion has on individuals’ performance. This research has shown, for example, that people perform their best at work when they feel involved in purposeful work that develops who they are, when they feel valued, cared for, consulted, respected, informed and understood.

This research has also shown that leaders who practice mindfulness and apply mindfulness techniques to their leadership of others are better equipped to cope with everyday leadership challenges and create high performance in others.

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During this program, you will improve your understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence. You will also explore and practice tools and techniques for applying mindfulness in your leadership as a means to improve the quality of your leadership.

mindful leadership

Participants will explore the science of emotions, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. During this workshop you’ll examine the Genos model of emotional intelligence, review feedback about our emotionally intelligent leadership behavior, and explore and practice a set of mindfulness techniques to enhance EI and leadership skills.

Course outline

  • Program introduction and mindful breathing exercise
  • Six breaths mindful breathing exercise
  • Seat & feet
  • Exercise review: mindful paired listening exercise
  • Introduction to the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence
  • What is mindfulness: Overview and links to EI
  • Attention training using mind and body
  • Analyzing your Genos EI Assessment results and planning for development
  • The purposeful pause
  • Body scan
  • Stop and drop to manage emotions
  • Program review and action planning

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Bonus: Online GENOS self-assessment reports are also included!

This intensive two-day program consists of one-day standalone units, known as the Foundation and Advanced paths. Participants are encouraged to attend foundation days and then, after practicing what they’ve learned for a few months, attend the advanced path.

About the Facilitator

Mr. Deiric McCann, best-selling author of AMAZON, sought-after international speaker, is also Head of International Development, Profiles International, Texas, USA, Head of International Development, GENOS Emotional Intelligence. He received certifications for both, including a Masters Certifications under Search Inside Yourself Institute in San Francisco, CA.

“Deiric has made a bottom-line impact on me and my business in two different areas. The first is via his considerable expertise in sales, as a very gifted, engaging and irreverently funny expert presenter at our annual Profiles International conference. The second is as the co-author of ‘Leadership Charisma’, a very practical, thoroughly researched and well-written ‘how-to’ book that every person who wants to become a more effective leader should read – and heed. Deiric McCann has my strongest professional endorsement”

– Russ Minary, Brand & Talent Management, Thought Leader

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