As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017, we welcome an entirely new year of opportunities and challenges. Businesses usually implement their strategies and plans annually, with tactics and goals broken down into quarters.

Here are 3 actionable tips and resources to help you, your business, and your team start 2017 on the right foot.

1. Make sure your financials are in order

It’s hard to start off on the right foot and stay organized when you’re building on top of a disorganized base. If you have any outstanding issues, address them or separate them from your 2017 accounts to keep things in the new fiscal year clean and clear. Even if your fiscal year doesn’t begin with the new year, get all your ducks in a row to make things easier once it’s time to file for the previous year.

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2. Start with inbox 0

Answer every email that needs a reply in your inbox, and file away the rest. As you delve into the new year and your new business strategic plan, tie up any loose ends that might get in the way.

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3. Identify learning opportunities

Expand your teams skill set this year by identifying opportunities for growth, learning, and development. Look at both soft skills and hard skills. For example, don’t just send them to a coding or marketing analytics bootcamp, teach them about leadership, empathy, and how to be accountable for their responsibilities.

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About the Author: Jocelyn Pick