Every individual knows the value of managing his or her personal finances and importance of wise personal financial decisions. Each year, more and more Filipinos are experiencing financial difficulty due to poor financial planning and management of their hard earned money leading to bankruptcy and accumulation of credit card debts.

Our public workshop on personal financial management on December 9 will teach participants how to manage their personal finances and how to make wise decisions for their current and long- term well-being. It enhances their financial skills that will enable them to confidently handle the challenges that they face daily financially.

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Participants will analyze the process for making personal financial decisions, develop personal financial goals, assess personal and economic factors that influence personal financial planning, calculate time value of money situations associated with personal financial decisions, and identify strategies for achieving personal financial goals for different life situations.

Investment: P 8,500 + 12%vat

Course Outline

Track 1: Personal Financial Planning
a. What is Personal Financial Planning?
b. Financial Planning Process: Steps 1-6

Track 2: Developing Financial Goals
a. Types of Financial Goals
b. Goal Setting Guidelines
c. Life Stages Financial Planning
d. 4 Needs

Track 3: Influences on Personal Financial Planning
a. Life Situation & Personal Values
b. Economic Factors

Track 4: Opportunity Costs and Time Value of Money
a. Personal Opportunity Costs
b. Financial Opportunity Costs
c. Time Value of Money: Financial Planning calculations

Track 5: Achieving Financial Goals
a. Components of Financial Goals
b. Developing a Flexible Financial Plan
c. Implementing your Financial Plan

Track 6: Workshop
a. Designing your Personal Finance Plan

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About the Facilitator

Cally Tiosejo is a Licensed Financial Consultant. Her job includes advising people of the importance of Financial Planning and conduct Corporate Financial Wellness Programs. She is also a resource speaker in various modules in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Events Management Business Operations, Project Management, and Admin Management. Her fields of interest are Coaching on Career Path for employees, and Mentoring on Leadership.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick