If you aren’t utilizing social media recruiting, it’s time to start. Research shows an increasing number of people turning to the Internet for job information, which means your potential top employees could be actively searching for jobs online right now.

86% of job seekers have an account on at least one of the six online social networks included with this study; Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Social job seekers are younger, more highly educated and more likely to be employed full-time. –How to Job Seekers Use Social Media? [Study]

The internet is a top resource for many of today’s job hunters: Among Americans who have looked for work in the last two years, 79% utilized online resources in their most recent job search and 34% say these online resources were the most important tool available to them. –Searching for Work in the Digital Era

Finding top talent online is difficult but rewarding. This post provides some useful social media recruiting tips to help you discover and qualify leads.

Be responsive online

Build relationships with your followers and other professionals in the industry. This will give you a direct line to your potential candidates, and it’ll allow you to interact with them and see how they treat your content. Pay attention to whether they share your blogs, the quality of their posts (grammar, spelling, and content), and how they brand themselves online.

Make it easy for them to apply

Your job candidates shouldn’t have to look to hard to find a place they can apply, even if it’s just sending a resume and having it reach the right person. Set up a dedicated careers page so you can simply link to that page in a social post. That way, if someone reaches out on social you have that URL ready to share.

If you’re actively looking for a job candidate, try adding a URL to your careers page to your social media profiles, sending out Tweets regularly (try different timezones), and allowing them to send a direct message within the social media app to apply. These things will all make it easier for your candidates to get their resumes and credentials to you.

Use hashtags

Research the hashtags that your potential job candidates search to find job openings. For example, if you’re offering a position in HR, try #HRjobs. This will take some online investigation, but the relevance and reach will be worth it.

Tap into your existing workforce

If your current team is willing to reach out to their own network, you can ask them to share your job openings and careers page on their personal social networks. Your team is in a unique position to sell the company culture, since they are a part of it. They can share their experiences with the company, how they’ve grown, and other reasons they enjoy working with your business. Just make sure they have good experiences to share before you ask them to advertise an opening.

Check out this infographic from Betterteam to learn more about social media recruiting.

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Can Social Recruiting Work for Your Office Space?

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