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Public Seminar: Managing Millennials

Please join us on October 14 for a workshop on Managing Millennials. Learn about generational differences, HR aspects and more. The program focuses on understanding of the generation that is exponentially dominating the global workforce. What motivates this increasing workforce and how to leverage its strengths and identify growth and development opportunities to be able to

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How to handle distractions in the office

There are so many possible distractions in the office, whether it’s a rude coworker playing loud music, or construction going on in the floor above you. This article provides a few solutions to these productivity-sucking problems, to help you get work done and keep your sanity. Use white noise White noise is a wonderful tool

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Social Media Recruiting: Finding Top Talent Online

If you aren’t utilizing social media recruiting, it’s time to start. Research shows an increasing number of people turning to the Internet for job information, which means your potential top employees could be actively searching for jobs online right now. 86% of job seekers have an account on at least one of the six online social networks

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Public Seminar: Work-Life Balance

We’re hosting a work-life balance seminar this September 28 to 29. One’s busy lifestyle requires a balance between his or her personal and professional life. It becomes an important concern of the organization to help the workforce acquire skills in maintaining wellness while working under pressure. As one becomes effective in the workplace, it is

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The Freelance Economy in the Philippines

The freelance economy in the Philippines is booming, yet it’s a talent pool that many of our local companies ignore. There is a wealth of skill in our local sectors; writers, programmers, graphic designers, even freelance project managers are getting more and more prevalent as the workforce evolves toward a more mobile structure. The motivations

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Public Seminar: Marketing with Social Media

Social media remains an evolving aspect of our daily lives in addition to being a part of our businesses. This two-day course is designed for people who have some familiarity with social media already. Participants will learn to develop a social media marketing plan as a part of their overall marketing strategy, determine who should

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How to Market a Job Opening

Crafting the perfect job description is just the first step. Once you know exactly what kind of candidate you need, their responsibilities, and the ideal skill set for the job, you still need to get the right person to apply. That’s where knowing how to market a job opening comes in. Below are a few

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