From August 24 to 25, we’ll he hosting a 2-day workshop on lean management and how it can benefit your business. The course is ideal for senior executives, managers and leaders from both the manufacturing and service (including banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, government and public service) sectors.

We will have special guest speaker, Mike Grogan with us to discuss lean management concept and principles, as well as an overview of tools.

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Lean Management is the proven management approach to world class performance. 10,000s of organizations around the globe in almost every industry (both manufacturing and service based) have implemented Lean Management with overwhelming success. Lean Management implementation significantly improves quality, reduces lead times and lower costs enabling your business to fundamentally become more productive and competitive.

The Lean Executive Overview will help participants be fully aware of their roles as change enablers, better equip them to facilitate transformation and remove obstacles, and participants will learn which metrics drive lean behavior and how to measure them at different levels of the organization. The seminar will show us how to drive bottom line results and techniques to ensure lean projects are adequately supported and completed on time.

Course Outline

Definition and Principals of Lean Management
What Problems Lean Management can help you solve

Lean Management Principal Number 1 – Visual Tools
Making the invisible – visible
Successful Case Studies from around the world

Designing for your organization Part 1
Designing your first Visual Tool
Presentation and Feedback to class

Lean Management Principal Number 2 – Standard Work
What is standard work and why do we need it
Creating Standard Work for your Lean Management System

Lean Management Principal Number 3 – Leadership Behaviours
The Red Bead Experiment
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Leadership Behaviours
What Lean Leaders say and do

Designing for your organization Part 2
Designing your second Visual Tool
Presentation and Feedback to class

How to start Lean Management in your organization
How to manage People Resistance
Tips for success: What to do and what not to do

Questions and Answers

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For an investment of 8,500 plus VAT, participants will get instruction by an expert facilitator, small group workshops that provide “active learning” which is known to be the most effective method for adult learners, a specialized student manual, a personalized certificate of participation, snacks and lunch.

About the Facilitator

Mike Grogan is a Lean Management Expert, High Performance Leadership Coach and Keynote Speaker. Mike first got exposed to Lean Management while working with Pharmaceutical Multinational Merck/MSD. There he learned first-hand from Toyota Production System (TPS) Consultants on obtaining a deep understanding of Lean and what is required for Implementation to be successful. Since then he has helped over 100 organizations in eight countries around the world become more efficient and effective. Clients have been from multiples diverse sectors such as Banking, Mining, BPO’s, Government, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, etc. In 2013 Mike was recognized by the Global Lean Movement as the first to successfully bring Lean Management to Healthcare in East Africa. Today Mike is based in Metro Manila where he is committed to engaging more organizations across South East Asia on the world class performance that can be achieved with Lean Management. Mike has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University College Dublin and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He is the founder of the BestofYou Podcast. For more information, visit

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