How Mindfulness and Communication Creates Better Leaders

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How Mindfulness and Communication Creates Better Leaders

It takes a diverse set of skills to be a great leader, such as empathy, intelligence, decisiveness, and mindfulness.

Mindfulness is being aware of your surroundings, your team members, and how you perform in the workplace. When someone is a mindful leader, they are fully aware of what is happening in their business, and how their actions will affect others. In essence, it’s being ‘present’ in your business.

Mindfulness is an important skill for leaders to have because it will help them work better with their teams, make more informed decisions, and improve their relationships.

Here are a few ways to cultivate mindfulness at work;

  • Ask questions instead of assuming.
  • Be conscious of workplace boundaries and don’t cross them.
  • Encourage cooperation and communication.
  • Have a genuine interest in your team members’ lives.
  • Empower your team to work independently.
  • Have an aversion to micromanagement.
  • Develop and share a clear vision for the team and business.
  • Practice empathetic listening.

When to use different types of communication styles

Being a mindful leader involves knowing when to use which type of communication style with your team. Based on the scenario, you may want to tell, consult, delegate, or gain consensus. Google’s new manager training shows us how to talk to your team.

  • Tell: Good for simple, time-critical tasks that don’t have much impact on the team.
  • Consult: Good for decisions that don’t affect the team too much, wherein the leader retains final control of the outcome.
  • Delegate: Use this language for decisions that are best handled by small groups or single individuals. Use this when the task will help the individual or group develop their skill set.
  • Consensus: Use this when a decision isn’t time-critical, but large enough that the entire team should be on board. For example, if you’re planning on reorganizing the company structure or make a change in required schedules.

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