This June 30 to July 1, we’ll he hosting a public seminar on Organizational Assessment to explain what it is, how to do it, and ways to use it to develop your business.

Organizations are considered biological organisms that need to continually grow, learn, adapt and innovate. In this regard, organizations should have a better understanding of themselves, their own performance and address their strategic issues and concerns, and ultimately improve their performance.

Organizational Assessment is often used as a diagnostic process or starting point for planning and implementing internal changes and/or strategic planning within the organization. It can also be used as a communication tool to dialogue with the organization’s stakeholders, both internal and external.

Organizational Assessment is common to all organizations who want to grow in excellence, taking into account that ‘Excellence is never an end in itself.’

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Participants will identify the drivers/core factors that will contribute to an effective organizational assessment, describe the major issues that affect an organizational assessment and the process itself, and explain the different steps in planning, implementation, reporting and communication of OA results. They will also learn to apply the knowledge they gain during an organizational assessment to improve a business.

Course Outline

I. Why Conduct an Organizational Assessment

How Ready Is Your Organization?
How Long Will It Take?
What Should Be Prepared?
Who Will Use the Results?
Who Should Conduct the Process?
What’s the Best Way to Manage the Process?
What Issues May Arise During Pre-Planning?

II. Planning a Self Assessment

Identification of the Need for Assessment, Significance and Importance
Organizational Assessment Framework: Variables, Indicators
Specific Objectives, Scope and Limitations
Organizational Assessment Design and Methodology
OA Population/Sampling Design
Data Collection Methodology and Instruments
Data Processing and Analysis
Communications and Addressing Issues

III. Conducting a Self-Assessment

Collecting the Data
Analyzing the Results
Report Writing
Communicating the Results
What Issues May Arise?

IV. Diagnosing the Performance of the Organization

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A course fee of 8,500 VAT includes instruction by an expert facilitator, specialized student workbook and course materials, a personalized certificate of completion, snacks and lunch.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Rosario C. Alzona holds a Master’s Degree in Statistics and Ph.D in Organizational Development. She is an accomplished Organizational Development professional with almost 20 years of experience in diverse workplace environments. She has varied experiences in organizational assessment, OD intervention design and implementation, learning and development and process/procedure design and development. Dr. Alzona has taken various Information Technology and OD Consultancy projects with several Consulting firms and has taught for ten years in the Graduate School of several universities and colleges in diverse topics of management and leadership. She is a frequent speaker at various seminars and workshops with topics on Leadership, Team Building, Organizational Assessment, Strategic Planning, Change Management and Appreciative Inquiry. She is a High-energy Trainer and Creative Facilitator, skilled in guiding learners through engaging breakthrough learning opportunities.

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