Learning and Development in Manila

A progressive learning and development program for your employees is crucial in keeping their skills updated and continuously growing. It keeps your team interested, engaged, and impressive in the industry. It also helps your business to have teams that understand the new changes in the industry, best practices, and multiple viewpoints on how to perform different roles, such as marketing, leadership, etc.

View our 2016 Training Calendar for an overview of the public seminars we are scheduled to host this year.

Learning and development in Manila can be a little harder to come by, but there is an abundance of training programs happening if you know where to find them. Here’s what to look for in these programs;

  1. A qualified presenter. The people facilitating a training should have real-life background and experience in what they are talking about. Theory isn’t enough, so just having gone to a top college isn’t enough. Look at their resumes for how many years they’ve worked in the industry, in what roles, and for which companies.
  2. A structured course outline. Look for courses that are well thought out and laid out. The course outline should cover topics that relate to the lesson at hand, and provide value for the participants.
  3. Type of workshop style. Some workshops are lecture-based, so attendees simply sit down and listen to someone speak. If you can learn like this, then that’s fine, but many people learn better when participating in activities.
  4. Course materials. Workshops should provide some sort of notebook, workbook, or at least a copy of a slideshow for participants to take home and review later on. It also helps in remembering all of the lessons.
  5. Other opportunities. Look out for workshops with networking opportunities before or after as an added bonus.

Interested in learning and development in Manila? Visit our Public Seminars page to see some workshops that we offer.

About the Author: Jocelyn Pick