Public Seminar: Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro

This next installment in our Sales Optimizer Series is titled Prospecting for Leads Like a Pro and covers how to find leads for your business and product. This workshop is ideal for any sales person who wants to ensure their future sales by learning how to prospect effectively. Join us on January 22, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m to learn about

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Prospecting is the key to your success. Your success today is a result of the leads you got  six months ago. This workshop will help you improve your networking skills, understand the 80/20 rule and build your personal prospecting plan to ensure your future success. You’ll learn who to target and how to target them, and remember to do some prospecting every day through warming up cold calls, following up on leads, or networking.

Participants will understand the importance of expanding a client base through effective prospecting, learn how to use a prospect board to make you more successful, identify target markets and practice networking skills. The workshop will also go over the art of cold calling and regaining lost clients.

Course Outline

  • The importance of prospecting
  • Targeting your market
  • Your customer profile
  • Making the most of trade shows
  • Setting goals
  • Networking
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Developing and using a prospect board
  • Warming up cold calls
  • Public speaking
  • Regaining lost accounts
  • Going above and beyond

An investment of P8,500 + VAT includes instruction by an expert facilitator, small group workshops that provide “active learning,” snacks, lunch, a specialized student manual, personalized certificate of participation and a free eBook; Successful Prospecting in Sales.

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About the Facilitator

Maria Victoria Estacio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Ateneo de Manila University. She earned a Certificate of Authority for Insurance Commission, and is a Registered Financial Planner. She has worked in the field of Sales and Marketing and Operations in the following roles: Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing Department with Philam Life, Manager, Bancassurance with Grepalife, Senior Sales Manager with Yapster, and Unit Head of Front End Acquisitions with Citibank, N.A. Ms. Estacio is a recipient of various awards including the Philam Life Annual Fast Start award for both Credit and Group Life (an award that has never been given to Group Life), and the “Exceptional Performance Award” from Citibank N.A. for participation in the credit card launch in Guam, USA. She also conducts personal financial coaching and training, and has received numerous trainings on strategic management, financial planning, and sales.

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