Job Interview with Smiles

The propose of compelling job descriptions is to attract the right candidates to apply for a position. In order to get top talent on your teams, you should understand how to portray your company mission and vision in the best light. Inspire job candidates to apply for a job they can enjoy, are qualified for, and believe in with compelling job descriptions.

Consider your ideal candidate

Think about who you’re writing this job description to attract. Is your ideal candidate fresh out of college? Or more experienced? If he or she is more experienced, do they potentially have children and a family? Depending on who you want to hire, you should use a different voice and highlight different aspects of your company. For example, the recent graduate may be attracted by fast-paced growth and promotion opportunities, whereas an experienced professional with kids wants to work for a family-friendly company.

Use your personas to find the right kind of voice to use in your job description.

Make a list then write the description

You may be tempted to organize all needed qualifications and responsibilities into a neat bullet point list, but a list of responsibilities is rarely engaging. Instead, compile your list in order to gather all the information that needs to go into the job description, and then write the description. Instead of just saying “able to type at least 100wpm,” say “should be able to type fast enough to keep up with your fast-talking managers.”

Create your list of desired skills and what the candidate will have to do, and then expand on that list and turn it into a job description.

Inject personality

Reminiscent of the previous tip, injecting personality into your job descriptions will go a long way to engaging readers and candidates. Give your job candidates a glimpse into the company culture by injecting personality into the job description. For example, instead of just saying “we’re looking for a qualified programmer,” you could say “we’re looking for a programming geek who loves building Android games as much as we love playing them.”

Attract your future top talent by conveying an interesting job and company in the job description.

Take pride in your team and company

A great job description doesn’t just get job candidates excited about a position, it gets them excited about the people they will be working with and the company they will be a part of. If you have an impressive leadership team at your company, put it in your job description. If one of your employees has published a best-selling book about the industry, give it a mention to peak candidates’ interest.

Brag about your company and the great teams already in it to give job candidates a glimpse into an exciting company culture they could be a part of.

Highlight the perks

Does your company provide a generous vacation policy? Do you provide free parking in a busy metropolitan area? Do you give free bus passes or transportation allowances? Do you offer learning and development opportunities? Whatever work perks your company may offer, play them up in the job description. If a job candidate is passionate about the industry, the perks should do even more to draw him or her in. For example, if you are a winery looking to hire a marketing coordinator, your job applicants will probably love wine. Let them know they get free wine tastings every month and the occasional bottle of wine from your cellars.

A final word

Be authentic in your job descriptions. It should go without saying that they need to be accurate, not misleading. If you need someone to do clerical duties, don’t advertise the job as a strategic partnership role. Even if you write the most compelling job description, your candidates will walk out when they discover the job isn’t what they applied for.

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About the Author: Jocelyn Pick