Organizational Assessment

Join our Organizational Assessment workshop from July 15 to 16, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the OMM Citra Building along San Miguel Avenue. This two-day seminar-workshop will introduce the concept of Organizational Assessment to the participants.

Organizations are considered biological organisms that need to continually grow, learn, adapt and innovate. In this regard, organizations should have a better understanding of themselves, their own performance and address their strategic issues and concerns, and ultimately improve their performance. Organizational Assessment is often used as a diagnostic process or starting point for planning and implementing internal changes and/or strategic planning within the organization. It can also be used as a communication tool to dialogue with the organization’s stakeholders, both internal and external. Organizational Assessment is common to all organizations who want to grow in excellence, taking into account that ‘Excellence is never an end in itself.’

Participants will learn how to explain what an organizational assessment is and how to go about doing it, identify the drivers/core factors that will contribute to an effective organizational assessment, and describe the major issues that affect an organizational assessment and the process itself. The workshop will also teach participants how to explain the different steps in planning, implementation, reporting and communication of OA results.

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Course Outline

Overview: Organization Development In Relation to Organizational Assessment

Why Conduct an Organizational Assessment

  1. How Ready Is Your Organization?
  2. How Long Will It Take?
  3. What Should Be Prepared?
  4. Who Will Use the Results?
  5. Who Should Conduct the Process?
  6. What’s the Best Way to Manage the Process?
  7. What Issues May Arise During Pre-Planning?

Planning a Self Assessment

  • Identification of the Need for Assessment, Significance and Importance
  • Organizational Assessment Framework: Variables, Indicators
  • Specific Objectives , Scope and Limitations
  • Organizational Assessment Design and Methodology (OA Population/Sampling Design,  Data Collection Methodology and Instruments, Data Processing and Analysis)
  • Communications and Addressing Issues

Conducting a Self-Assessment

  • Collecting the Data
  • Analyzing the Results
  • Report Writing
  • Communicating the Results
  • What Issues May Arise?

Diagnosing the Performance of the Organization

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