Personal mastery

Register for our public seminar on Personal Mastery, a workshop that goes through a concrete way of improving individuals. Personal Mastery will encourage you to embrace the qualities of a team player and make you a member every team wants to have. This two-day workshop will teach you how to effectively manage your energy, reframe your self-image, and use proper approaches for influencing people. The workshop is aimed at anybody who wants to get a full understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to leverage personal growth and maximize their skills with the right attitude.

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This workshop will help teach participants how to:

  • Strengthen your organization by further strengthening participants as individuals and as team members
  • Help your organization achieve its goals while being proactive to the their own development needs
  • Be more motivated and positive, thus a more conducive environment for greater productivity
  • Have better appreciation of their work and strengthen their relationships with one another
  • Foster greater focus, energy and enthusiasm in working towards their organizations goals
  • Rediscover; re-program their self-image to maximize oneself for optimized personal and working lives
  • Muster greater control over their ‘self’ (mind, body and spirit)
  • Learn the following techniques: affirmation ,visualization, ‘imagineering’ and mental editing

Course Outline

MENDING THE MIND: Maximize Yourself & Life

Power of the (God given) mind: Conscious and Subconscious
Levels of Thoughts/Mental Diet
Develop a Positive Self-Concept/Healthy Self-Image Reprogramming


Mind-Body Connection
Stress and Relaxation (Laugh, Play, Rest/Sleep)
Breathing Exercises and Stretching
‘9 Joints’ Exercises


Peace of Mind Square
Managing Anger
Money Matters
Lengthen the LOVE Line

KNOWING YOUR PATH : Discover your Gifts


Are you aligned with your organizations goals?
What makes a healthy relationship with your organization?
How can you help promote a culture of Performance?
17 Qualities of a Team Player (by John Maxwell)

ACHIEVING BALANCE : Making it in the Work World (without much regret)

About the Facilitator

Ms. Elvira Ramos-Balinang has more than 20 years of consulting experience in Training and Organizational Development for various private and government organizations. She is expert in handling several projects in the areas of Management and Human Relations Training, Values Enhancement, Self-Esteem/Self-Image Building, Change Process, Poverty Alleviation, and LGU Empowerment. Ms. Bi also specializes in curriculum development, conceptualization of frameworks and OD interventions.

For a course fee of P8,500 + VAT, participants will receive instruction by an expert facilitator, specialized student workbook and course materials, personalized certificates of completion, AM/PM snacks and lunch.

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