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Employee Retention: Communicate to Retain

Employee retention relies heavily on how well an employee can do a job, inter-company relations and how efficient and purposeful the work is. Being competitive and offering great packages helps employee retention, as does rewards, recognition, training programs and a good hiring process. However, many of these things count on good communication skills to succeed. Below are a few communication strategies to inspire effective communication throughout all organization levels. Keep Employees Informed Provide regular and [...]

Leading by Example

In addition to being good in principle, leading by example also inspires loyalty and trust in your employees. In order to keep enthusiasm and goodwill among your team members, you need to do more than instruct, you need to lead. Below are a few ways you can lead by example and inspire your employees to succeed. Make a firm commitment to your team and purpose. Remind yourself why you started the journey and took on [...]

Don’t forget to sign up for Personal Mastery!

Register for our public seminar on Personal Mastery, a workshop that goes through a concrete way of improving individuals. Personal Mastery will encourage you to embrace the qualities of a team player and make you a member every team wants to have. This two-day workshop will teach you how to effectively manage your energy, reframe your self-image, and use proper approaches for influencing people. The workshop is aimed at anybody who wants to get a full [...]

How to Have Healthy Employees

Healthy employees mean less unexpected sick days, higher productivity, and a more dependable workforce. When you take care of your employees, they are more likely to be happier and take care of your customers with greater care. Below are a few ideas of what you can do to encourage healthy employees. Cater healthy lunches Cater lunch for employees once a week or month to model a healthy meal. Your lunches can consist of simple dishes [...]

How to Write a Job Description

A job description summarizes the important functions of a position and the requirements or qualifications needed to succeed. It is a tool used by both HR and division managers to clarify a role that is filled and the duties under that role. Job descriptions can be used as a guide for succession planning, learning and development, performance reviews and salary administration. For the employee, a well-written job description is a roadmap that can be used [...]

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