Personal Finance

Learn how to set personal financial goals at a financial management public seminar. These two 4-hr workshops on April 18 and 25 will help participants understand the economic market today and outlook for 2015, have readily available Financial instruments for beginners, and match financial goals with the right financial product. The workshop will last from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.each day.

Course Outline

  • Setting Financial goals
  • Philippine Market Overview and outlook for the rest of 2015
  • Deciding on a Personal Budget
    – Setting up a cash fund
    – determining the cash fund to set aside before they start investing
    – cashflow mangement
  • Cost of money
    – managing debt – credit cards, loans, using loan sharks
    – when is it okay to borrow money?
    – time value of money
  • Easiest financial instruments to understand
    -short term – TD, money market instruments
    -medium term – stock market , IPO’s, mutual funds; fund riders
    -long term – real estate, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, trust funds, capital market instruments
    – advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Obtaining financial freedom
    – making your money work for you as opposed to working for money

The course fee is P3,500 and includes instruction by an expert facilitator, specialized student workbook and course materials, personalized certificate of completion and a free eBook on Strategic Financial Management Part 1 and 2.

About the Facilitator

Ms. Victoria Estacio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Ateneo de Manila University. She earned a Certificate of Authority for Insurance Commission, and is a Registered Financial Planner. She has worked in the field of Sales and Marketing and Operations in the following roles: Assistant Vice President of Sales and Marketing Department with Philam Life, Manager, Bancassurance with Grepalife, Senior Sales Manager with Yapster, and Unit Head of Front End Acquisitions with Citibank, N.A. Ms. Estacio is a recipient of various awards including the Philam Life Annual Fast Start award for both Credit and Group Life (an award that has never been given to Group Life), and the “Exceptional Performance Award” from Ciribank N.A. for participation in the credit card launch in Guam, USA. She also conducts personal financial coaching and training, and has received numerous trainings on strategic management, financial planning, and sales.

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