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Have a Short- and Long-Term Strategy

Good leaders are aware of their surroundings; they know their employees, how the business is performing, and the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Great leaders look ahead; they establish an effective recruitment and retention program, identify the threats and opportunities of a company, and invest in a long-term business strategy. Both short- and long-term planning and strategy is imperative to business success, for multiple reasons. Short-term (Managerial) These are daily operational tasks that must [...]

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3 Steps to Improving Your Business Success

Businesses are constantly evolving to adapt to industry trends and consumer needs. Continuous improvement is a necessity to stay current with clients and remain the brand of choice for your target audience. Thanks to modern technology and innovative solutions, improving your business is possible with a dedicated investment and a few crucial steps. Strategize Have a clear strategy that you revisit periodically Every company needs to have a clear direction in order to grow and [...]

Managing Older Employees

Leading older employees can get tricky, especially if you're younger than them. However, older employees in a company often bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that takes years to attain. By understanding and accepting a few things about older employees, you could tap into a mentor and resource that was years in the making. Everyone learns differently. Don't assume that older workers have enough experience to negate the need for additional training, and don't [...]

The Importance of Routines

Daily routines help you organize your tasks efficiently to get the most done in the least amount of time. Although it may seem tedious to set a routine and stick to it (whether it's a morning routine with toothbrushes involved or a work routine with a strict schedule), there are great benefits to sticking with a routine. It helps productivity "Peak productivity’s not about luck. It’s about devotion." - Robin Sharma Practice and repetition are [...]

Public Seminar: Change and How to Deal with It

Managers traditionally have had the task of contributing to the effectiveness of their organization while maintaining high morale. Today, these roles often have to be balanced off with the reality of implementing changes imposed by senior management. Managers who have an understanding of the dynamics of change are better equipped to analyze the factors at play in their own particular circumstances, and to adopt practical strategies to deal with resistance. This workshop will help you [...]

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