Creative thinking and innovation are vital components in both our personal and professional lives. However, many feel that they lack creativity. What most of us do not recognize is that we are creative on a daily basis, from picking out what clothes to wear or stretching a tight budget at work. While these tasks may not normally be associated with creativity, it takes a great deal of creativity to get these jobs done. While some people seem to be simply bursting with creativity, others find it a struggle to think outside the square. If you fall into the latter category, it is important to understand that boosting your creative and innovative abilities takes practice. Recognizing and honing your own creative potential is a process. That’s what this two-day workshop is all about.

From November 12 to 13, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Profiles Asia Pacific is hosting a Creative Thinking and Innovation workshop at unit 502 OMM Citra Bldg., San Miguel Ave. in Pasig City. Participants will learn how to identify the difference between creativity and innovation, how to recognize their own creativity, ways to build their own creative environment, the importance of creativity and innovation in business, problem solving steps and tools, individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas and how to implement creative ideas.

Course Outline

  • What is creativity and innovation?
  • Individual creativity and how to get creative
  • Developing the right environment for creativity
  • Creativity and innovation in business
  • Where does creativity fit into the problem-solving process?
  • Defining the problem
  • Creative techniques (RAP model, shoe swap, mind mapping, metaphors and analogies, situation/solution reversal)
  • Encouraging creativity in a team (brainstorming, rolestorming, brainwriting, stepladder, and slip writing)
  • Putting it all together

The course will be taught by Ms. Blesilda “Baebee” Reynoso, who holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and Literature. She is a Creative Communications and Personality Enhancement Consultant specializing in training programs on Communication Skills, Learning Strategies, Team Building and Corporate Image. Ms. Reynoso, as an artist-educator, also conducts lectures in Humanities and Art Appreciation for students and teachers. She also conceptualizes and organizes heritage tours, art conventions, seminars, and exhibitions. She is also an author/consultant for publishing houses.

The course fee is PHP6,500 and includes small group workshops that promote “active learning,” a specialized student workbook, a free eBook, a personalized certificate of participation, snacks and lunch.

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