Leadership: Transparency in Business

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Leadership: Transparency in Business

Transparent business involves multiple departments

“Transparency clearly matters — especially to your company’s bottom line.” – Ilya Pozin, How Transparent is Too Transparent in Business? (Forbes)

A transparent business model keeps employees engaged, and motivates employees at all levels of the company by helping them understand their impact. Business transparency is as good for clients as it is for the business itself. Transparent businesses show, without a doubt and for everyone to see, that they deal in expertise, so clients know they are working with a competent company. Leadership works in a similar way; when a leader is open, honest and truthful with his or her employees, it shows expertise and skill. It gives that leader the opportunity to demonstrate his or her capability, earning the respect of employees and helping a company run more smoothly. Transparent leadership, wherein the end goal is clearly laid out to everyone, will equip all employees with a clear vision of their task and goals. Below are a few tips on encouraging transparency in your company.

  • Keep your transparency focused on productivity and improvement. A clear business strategy is useful, what everyone had for breakfast may not be.
  • Be authentic in addition to transparent. Transparency means information being easily accessible, whereas authenticity translates to genuine trustworthiness.
  • Maintain levels of transparency with all your markets; influences such as bloggers, advocates who are enthusiastic about your brand, and employees who have the most intimate knowledge of your business.
  • Seek simplicity. There is little use sending out detailed reports meant to inform employees and consumers when the recipients don’t understand them.

Invest in the knowledge of employees and customers with clear goals and motivators, measure results, and find the right balance of transparency for your company.

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